The Nobody

Ashlee Jones is a smart, intelligent, 16 year old with a huge liking for one direction. She ran away from home, because she was being abused by her brother. Her life has gone down hill a lot ever since she has ran away from home, but when she bumps into Niall Horan, her best friend from school, things start to spark up, will she fall in love with her best friend?..... Will he hurt her?

Find Out by reading

The Nobody


3. 3 Months

Niall's P.O.V

"Niall!!" I hear someone yell, it sounded like Ashlee. Damn she has a loud voice. I got up from my bed and went downstairs to see what she wanted. "Yeah!!? What's wrong babe?" I turned the corner and she was adorable, she had on her sports bra, with running shorts, her long reddish brown hair up in a high pony tail and she had on her Nike running shoes. Damn I'm lucky to know she's mine. She giggled cutely and asked "I'm going to the gym, you want to come boo?" I loved it when she called me boo, it was such a turn on for me. I looked her up and down, but then I realized that I have an interview to go to in two hours. I walked up to her and wrapped my arms around her waist as I said to her. "Why don't you stay with me and cuddle in bed, til I go to my interview in a couple of hours? It will be fun.." She turned around, still in my arms and looked me in the eyes, she had the most beautiful eyes I have ever laid eyes on, they were bright green with a little bit of blue through it, like the color turquoise. She smiled then said "Fineeee, but I get to choose the movie babe!" She kissed my cheek and ran up to our room. I ran after her and picked her up and put her over my shoulder. "NIALL JAMES HORAN!! PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW!!" She said between giggles. I lightly kissed her cheek and continued up the stairs til we were in our room, I placed her on the bed, and kissed her, she smiled into the kiss and she pulled away, before she got up I whispered into her ear "I love you" she smiled her gorgeous smile, showing her cute dimples, she hopped up, walked over to the movie stand then she yelled "I LOVE YOU TOO" I laughed at her craziness, she was so cute. We were in the middle of the movie when we heard a knock on the door.... 

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