As a 15 year-old it's hard for Natalie to see her parents fight, but she has gotten used to it, as they fight constantly. Well she thought she had, until her parents ask her to make the most important decision of her life. Natalies whole life has been turned upside down, until she meets Harry Styles. Can Harry help Natalie? Or is she just charity work for Harry?


1. Footsteps

Natalie's POV

I can't take it anymore. I thought I could suck it up and handle it, but I can't do it anymore. My parents fight all the time. There is never a peaceful moment at my house, all you can hear is my parents screaming at each other. And here they are, going at it again. I can't even tell what they are yelling about, they are talking too fast and too loud.  We are in the car attempting to drive to the supermarket, with little luck because my mom pulls over every other minute to scream some more. I have been through this so many times, each time ending with a weak 'I'm sorry' exchanged by my parents. I put my earphones in and look out the window, I don't need to listen to this anymore. My thoughts ran back in time to school the past couple of years. I never had a real friend. I have brown eyes and brown hair that goes down to the middle of my back. My mom says I'm pretty, but I guess not pretty enough to have a single friend, I mean, I sit alone at lunch everyday. Kids at my school are cruel. They think I'm a geek just because I get good grades and like to read. People call me mean names all the time, and I have learned to ignore them, well most of them. A few kids say my parents fight because they don't want me anymore, and they don't know what to do with me. They say it's because I'm ugly, fat, nerdy, and socially awkward. And the worst part is, I believe them. At one point, the name calling got so bad that I started cutting to relieve my pain. I quit cutting though, because after being in school for 10 years and going through the same thing everyday, the pain of their words starts to numb.

I had been to concentrated on my thoughts to listen to my parents conversation, but I was brought back into reality when I heard the car door slam. I look out the window and see my dad with his back turned to me, walking away. I wasn't quite sure what to do, it had never gone this far before! I rolled down my window and called out for my dad.

"Dad! Where are you doing!" I shouted.

"I'm sorry, this is just too much I can't take it anymore." He continues, "Come on, get out of the car." He says while waving me towards him.

"No Natalie, stay in the car." My mom chimed in. My eyes grew wide. Even though my parents fight all the time, I still love them! My mind was racing. My thoughts were cut off by my dad saying, "Well, whose it going to be? Choose." My heart was pounding. Was he really asking me to choose which of my parents I wanted to stay with? Who I loved more? I Looked out the window at the woods that we pulled off the road next to. My gaze went up a tree all the way until the tip of the tree crashed into the skyline. "Hm?" My mom demanded. I looked into her eyes, and then into my dads, both full of pain and anger. I unbuckled my seat belt and opened the car door. My dad had a look on his face like he had just proven a point to my mom that I loved him more and that he was better than her. And I hated him for that. I turned around, and ran. Not towards my dad, not towards the car, but into the trees. I looked behind my shoulder at both of my parents, who both looked shocked. I wasn't going back, I kept running deeper and deeper into the trees. Tears were streaming down my face like a water fall. I sat down on a log and put my head in my hands, crying. It was getting dark and I had no where to go. Maybe I would just stay in the woods until morning? It did seem awfully creepy though. My thoughts were interrupted by the familiar sound of leaves crunching behind me. Footsteps.


**Hey everyone!! This is my first Movella so I hope you like it!! I know this chapter was boring, but I had to introduce the characters! :) I promise the next chapter will be better! Thanks for reading! ~Mrs.Styles_56


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