As a 15 year-old it's hard for Natalie to see her parents fight, but she has gotten used to it, as they fight constantly. Well she thought she had, until her parents ask her to make the most important decision of her life. Natalies whole life has been turned upside down, until she meets Harry Styles. Can Harry help Natalie? Or is she just charity work for Harry?


4. Don't You Remember?

Harry's POV

"Natalie?" I said looking into her eyes. "I'm not who you think I am." She didn't say anything so I just continued. "I'm... Ha-"

'Harry Styles, I know" She said, cutting me off. "From One Direction."

"What?" I was completely confused now. She giggled and looked up at the now dark sky before saying "You're the screen saver on every girls phone at my school" Her brown eyes met mine once again, and she smiled.

"So you knew the whole time?" I asked her.

"Yeah, 'Marcel'" She elbowed my arm and laughed.

"Hey, it was worth a try!" I say putting my hands up like I was being arrested. She smiled and nodded. I was thinking, and there was silence between us. Not the awkward kind though, the kind that leaves your stomach in butterflies, wondering where this is headed. "Why didn't you say anything?"

Natalie's POV

"Why didn't you say anything?" He questioned me. I had gotten away with lying earlier, I mean, who would actually put Harry Styles as their screen saver? He was a jerk. But I liked this new Harry, he had changed. Maybe even for me. I didn't want to keep lying to Harry, to protect myself from my past.

"I thought we were starting over? Pretending the past never happened?" I said. Harry looked brain dead.


"Don't you remember who I am Harry?"




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