The Red Wolf (2nd book of the Brotherly Rivals series)

*Continuation of Werewolves Aren't Real...Duh* Read that first or none of this will make sense.

Everyone thinks Leon his a coldhearted person who loves huring Rain, but what if he's nice? What if he's really a really sweet guy and just needs a little help? What happens when Rain falls for Leon, and Rider takes over his pack? What happens when Kimberly, Rider's overly annoying new girlfriend joins the picture? All of the secrets will be revealed if you journey into the story of the Red Wolf...



Rain's p.o.v.

"Let's go! I don't want to be late!" A voice yelled down the hall.

"Yes sir," I called back, going over myself once again in the mirror. It's been two years since all of the drama died down, and a lot has changed. My once long red hair that reached my waist was now cut short to about four inches past my shoulders. It also had been streaked with black. I made sure my lipstick wasn't smudged before exiting the room. The clicks my heels made as I walked reminded me that I was alone. I walked outside and got into the front seat of a red ferrari.

"Well my, my. Don't you look sexy?" Leon said, looking me up and down. I guess I did. I was wearing a strapless black dress that went down to my mid-thighs, hugging my body's every curve, and my hair was down, as usual. I don't wear much makeup, so all I had on was lipstick and a bit of mascara.

"I still don't understand why we have to go," I quipped, crossing my arms over my chest.

"It's a family tradition, and since I'm part of the family, I have to go," He said for the fifth time. It's not that I didn't want to go, but I knew that I would see someone I hadn't seen in years. The one person I love. Rider.



Rider's p.o.v.

"Come on man. The dinner's about to start," Jake said, peeking his head into my room. I ran my hand once through my hair before following Jake out of the room.

"Rider!" I heard my name painfully screeched down the hall. I turned to see none other than Kimberly, my girlfriend. My father said that since I ws going to be alpha, I needed a luna, and that girl just so happened to be the one he chose.

"Hey, baby!" She said, her loud and annoying voice echoing down the hall.

"Hi Kim," I grimly replied, watching as the blonde make her way down the hall wearing a lime green dress and heels so high, I'm surprised she didn't fall.

"Today's the big day," She squeaked, holding onto my arm for support. Jake had already left, clearly disturbed by Kim's presence. NO ONE LIKES HER! Not even my mother.

"Come on," I mumbled, continuing down the hall. When we got to the reception hall, it was already packed with people. I made my way over to the table of honor, Kim still tightly gripping my arm.

"Do you think he'll come? I hope not," Kim asked me, obviously reffering to my brother. I was secretly hoping he would show up with Rain, who I haven't seen in nearly two years. It was then that my father decided to begin the ceremony. Before he could say a word, though, the doors to the reception hall were opened once again. In the doorway stood the one person I hated more than my father. Leon. He swaggered into the room, accompanied by a girl that looked like she had just stepped out of a fashion magazine (not that I read those.) Her hair was a few inches past her shoulders, and it was black and red. She was dressed in a tight fitting black dress, black heels, and red lipstick. Leon took his seat at the table of honor, and the girl took a seat next to him, which just so happened to be next to me. She smelled good. Sorta like vanilla and mint.

"As I was about to say, I thank you all for coming here so willingly.,"

"I didn't want to come here," The girl next to me snarled under her breath.

"And why is that?" I whispered, causing her to jump. She looked at me and let out a small laugh before replying.

"You really don't remember me at all, do you pretty boy?" The realization was like a slap in the face.

"Angel?" I asked, unsure.

"The one and only," She said, looking down. Before I could say anything else, my father said my name.

"The new Alpha of our pack is none other than my son, Rider Grey. Accompanied by his beautiful girlfriend and Luna, Kimberly Sikes," Everyone let out a big round of applause and I stood, Kim standing wih me.

"Come on down here son," My father said, as if he were a commentator. I walked to the middle of the floor, slowed down by Kim, of course. When we made it to the middle of the floor, I looked up at Rain, rised above everyone else on the honor table. Her face was expressionless, and when she saw me looking at her, she gave me a small smile.



Rain's p.o.v.

I expected him to have moved on, but I didn't expect him to forget about me completely. I felt hurt inside. But, none the less, I smiled at him and Kimberly standing there. "It's a shame he doesn't remember you. He's moved on to new sluts, and now, I bet he does't give a care in the world about what you think," Leon whispered.

"In fact, I'll prove it," He said before standing.

"Why doesn't the lovely couple give us a kiss!" He shouted, silencing everyone.

"That is.....actually a good idea, Leon. A kiss to seal the ceremomy!" Rider's dad said excitedly. This couldn't be happening.... No matter what I thought, it didn't change the fact that I had to sit there and watch the love of my life basically make out with someone else. Leon sat back down with a smug expression on his face.

"Will you excuse me, sir?" I asked him in a wavery voice, hot tears pricking at my eyes. He simply waved his hand, a cold laugh leaving his lips. I got up and exited the room quickly, before the tears could escape.



Rider's p.o.v.

I pulled away just in time to see Rain practically running from the room.

"Let the party begin!" My dad shouted right before the music started playing. The dance floor was quickly filled with people. I slipped out of the crowd to find Rain.

'Are you ok, Angel?' I asked through our mind link.

'Just fine, Alpha Grey,' was her reply. I saw her come out of the restroom down the hall and ran to catch up with her.

"Where are you going?" I asked, walking beside her.

"Just to get some fresh air. You should go back to your party, Alpha Grey," She said, her voice laced with venom.

"Don't call me that," I groaned. "I'm still the same old Rider as before," That made her come to a halt.


"But that was too much to ask. Sorry for intruding on your land. Leon wanted to come since it was a family tradition. Sorry if I messed up your party. Kimberly's probably looking for you. You wouldn't want to keep your Luna waiting," She said, her voice growing quiet. She turned on her heel and walked down the hall, leaving me to my thoughts.



Rain's p.o.v.

"Are you ok?" Leon asked, conerned, once I had returned.

"I'm getting so tired of hearing that question," I said with a soft laugh.

"Well then, let's dance to cheer you up," Leon said, a devious smile on his face. If you got to know him, he isn't really that bad of a person. He's bi-polar. That's the reason he's really sweet sometimes, then mad the next second, but I got used to it and learned not to test him when he was in a mood.

"Sure," I replied, a smile creeping it's way onto my face. For the rest of the night, I forgot about Rider, who had obviously moved on, and focused on Leon, who was here with me right now.



Rider's p.o.v.

When I was heading back to the party, I felt a sudden surge of joy, which could only be Rain. I wonder what could have cheered her up that quickly. When I entered the room, I was greeted by, you guessed it, Kim.

"Where were you? I wanna dance!" She whined. I grabbed her hand and dragged her to the dance floor, her staggering and trying to keep up. When we started dancing, we weren't really dancing at all. She could barely move, so we were just standing there, swaying from side to side. When a really upbeat song came on, we were still just standing there, swaying. To be honest, I was bored out of my mind. Just then, I saw something that hurt me, cut deep into me and left a scar. I saw Rain. She was grinding on Leon and laughing, looking like she was having the time of her life. He spun her around and they continued to dance, clearly loving each other's company.

"WHY DO YOU KEEP LOOKING AT HER!? I'M YOUR GIRLFRIEND!" Kim screamed at me, snapping me out of my trance.


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