My Love for Eternity (Harry Styles fanfic) *ON HOLD*

Melody Rose from New York is a normal girl who is forced to go to a One Direction concert with her sister Lilly who is obsessed with one direction and Melody absolutely hates one direction, and when they get to the meet and greet harry keeps checking out Melody like she was a medium rare steak, she is bound out to know the secrets of the biggest boy band ever one direction.

Will she end up liking harry or will she runaway? find out more.


7. Room fights

Melody' P.O.V

"Harry I don't have any clothes to wear can I borrow some of your's just for today and then can we go shopping tomorrow?". "Sure love", "Thanks so much I really appreciate it sorry if I am being any trouble,". '' Never say that you will never be any trouble if you need anything I am here for you." "Never say never." And then I walked away and I could feel Harry smirking behind my back and then he tackled me to the ground, and flipped me over and said " Never do that." And I said " Never do what?''. " What you just did now walking away all model-like.... that really turns me on, crap did I just say that out loud?" And I said " Yep you kinda did, and I happen say that was very creepy of you to say." And then I started giggling. So we went down stairs and the boys where fighting about what to watch on Tv, and plus Niall was mad because he couldn't find the Tv remote. But none of us knew where Zayn was, until i asked Louis. He said that Zayn was in the bathroom hiding because he had the remote and he knew that Niall was gonna beat the crap out of him if he found out. So after all that was settled out and Niall calmed down after Zayn confessed where the remote was, and surprisingly Niall did nothing. So we decided to watch 21 Jump Street, and I was about to fall asleep during the middle of the movie so I told the boys I was going to bed and Louis was pouting and telling  me to stay but I kept saying no. So Harry decided to help me find a room, but by accident I chose his room and he said that he would sleep on the floor, but I refused. So I said to him, "You are not sleeping on the floor, and if you do don't complain when you have neck and back pains in morning". And so Harry took that as an opportunity to climb into the bed with me but since I was half asleep I didn't even notice and all I could faintly hear him say is,"Sweet dreams love." Then he kissed me on the forehead and went to sleep.


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