My Love for Eternity (Harry Styles fanfic) *ON HOLD*

Melody Rose from New York is a normal girl who is forced to go to a One Direction concert with her sister Lilly who is obsessed with one direction and Melody absolutely hates one direction, and when they get to the meet and greet harry keeps checking out Melody like she was a medium rare steak, she is bound out to know the secrets of the biggest boy band ever one direction.

Will she end up liking harry or will she runaway? find out more.


5. OMG!!!

*Flash back*

"We are Vampires", "OMG"!!!!!!!

*End of Flashback*

''Wait, you're vampires", they all nodded and said "YES." "How did this happen and are there others"? Then Niall stood up and said " We became vampires while we were at a meet and greet and these two girls seduced us and they took us in a dark room and one of them hit all of us with a frying pan in the back of our heads and then when we woke up we were tied down and then they bit us, we were in a lot of pain but when it was over we were these monsters and we didn't like what happened to us".. "Well that's very sad and all but that still doesn't explain why you tried to KILL ME!!!!". Then Niall's eyes got red with anger and his fangs started to come out and he looked like he was going to kill me, but then Louis told Niall to relax and that I was still mad about it, and Niall said "I know that but you know I get angry easily", and Louis said "I know that but try to control your're anger ok?" the Niall said "Ok I will" then Harry came up to me and said that I can leave today and that since I knew about there secret I would have to live with them for awhile, and I just agreed because these were blood sucking vampires I am dealing with not just regular people and I didn't want to die at such a young age. I have a lot to live for so I just said sure i really wasn't in the mood to fight right now. So when I checked out of the hospital, I had to sit on Harry's lap because there was no more room in the car.. I know this is going to be a long while till I get to leave.. (sigh)....

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