My Love for Eternity (Harry Styles fanfic) *ON HOLD*

Melody Rose from New York is a normal girl who is forced to go to a One Direction concert with her sister Lilly who is obsessed with one direction and Melody absolutely hates one direction, and when they get to the meet and greet harry keeps checking out Melody like she was a medium rare steak, she is bound out to know the secrets of the biggest boy band ever one direction.

Will she end up liking harry or will she runaway? find out more.


9. Going out with the girls

Once I got downstairs everyone attacked me with hugs almost crushing me to death since they were so strong. Niall said,'' Morning buddy sleep well?'' Then I said," Yes I did actually but Louis decided to barge in screaming to get Harry up.'' Louis laughed,'' Yeah I did, but you have got to admit, it was pretty funny.'' Then I said,'' Yeah it was but I don't think Harry agrees.'' Then Harry responded grumpily,'' I did not think it was funny Boo-Bear it really hurt.'' Then Louis said,'' Aww I'm sowwy I didn't mean to,'' he said in a childish voice and he did the best puppy dog eyes he could. Once they made up we finally decided to eat breakfast. When we were done eating the door bell rang, I went up to answer it and guess who it was, Danielle, Eleanor, and Perrie. Perrie said,'' Hii Melody I'm Perrie I've heard so much about you.'' Then Danielle said,'' Well duh Perrie, Harry wouldn't stop taking about her, not trying to be rude Melody but he does talk about you a lot but I am saying that in a good way.'' I blushed. Then Eleanor introduced herself and they all came inside, and everyone of them ran to their boyfriends like they haven't seen them in forever.. To break the awkwardness since I didn't have a boyfriend I said, '' So when do you guys want to go?'' They all answered,'' We can go now if you want.'' I said,'' No its up to you I don't want to rush you guys into leaving so soon.'' They all said it was no problem and said goodbye to their boyfriends and we started off to the mall. Once we got there we went into Hot-Topic and saw some really cute clothes. Of course they all helped me pick out some stuff but it was all to expensive and I told them I don't want them to spend to much but, they insisted. So I just decided to accept their offer.. When it was getting late we decided to go home. I was very tired so I just fell asleep in the car on the way home. We got home but I was still asleep so they went and told Harry to come and get me and take me to bed, so Harry took me to his room and put me to bed, and I just let sleep take over me..


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