My Love for Eternity (Harry Styles fanfic) *ON HOLD*

Melody Rose from New York is a normal girl who is forced to go to a One Direction concert with her sister Lilly who is obsessed with one direction and Melody absolutely hates one direction, and when they get to the meet and greet harry keeps checking out Melody like she was a medium rare steak, she is bound out to know the secrets of the biggest boy band ever one direction.

Will she end up liking harry or will she runaway? find out more.


10. Do I love her

Harry's P.O.V.

When the girls told me to go and get Melody I was a little worried cause I didn't know why they wanted me to go get her. So when I went outside I saw her sleeping in the car, god she looked beautiful, she looked like she got slapped by an angel (lol), so I went to pick her up and I heard her sleep talking, this is what she said,''Have jomdom take the parachute out of chinacoloabina.'' I thought it was adorable. So I took her upstairs and put her to bed and I kissed the top of her head and stroked her hair to make her go to sleep, and while I was I started to sing Strong from our new album. Soon I started to fall asleep but I kept myself awake and I stared at the ceiling thinking and wondering about things then I realized, I think I love her.

*Next morning*

Harry's P.O.V.

The next morning I woke up to Melody sleeping next to me and I remembered what I was thinking about last night.. I accidentally woke up Melody when I was getting out of bed. She said to me,'' Good morning Harry sleep well?'' Then I said,'' Yes I did, how about you, and uh sorry to wake you I tried to not make a big movements.'' Then she said,'' It's ok, and yes I did sleep well.'' Then I said,'' Well thats good, well um I will meet you downstairs I guess.'' Melody said,'' Ok, see you in a minute, bye.'' Then I said,'' Ok,bye.''

*Cliff Hanger sweethearts, sorry guys I know you want to know what happens next but I just have so much to do like school and homework so I will try to update again as ASAP, so please like and favorite this I would very much appreciate that... LUV U SWEETHEARTS!!!!


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