cant let her go

kadence is a 12 year old girl who ask her father for 1D tickets.when he says no,she decides to sneaks in the concert. when her dad catches her 1D comes to her rescue.but what happens when her dad files them for kidnap and comes after her?will 1D and her two sisters be able to save her?or will they be stuck in prison?


14. the wreck

Kadence P.O.V

I was walking down a long hallway at who knows where.when I saw Lou,Jason,the boys and my sisters at the end.i ran to them,but there was a wall of glass between us I couldn't break.i started to cry.when I turned around,my dad was there grinning."what do you want with them?!?if you want me,you can have me,but leave them alone!"I Lou Lizzy Tabby and Jason are all crying to.he took me and let them free,but Lou ran up to me and grabbed me.Then dad....s-shot him...

Louis P.O.V

I heard crying in the living room as I rose out of the bed and rubbed my was still dark outside.i walked into the living room when I saw Kadence crying in her sleep.i ran over to her."hey,hey!Kadence?are you ok?!?"I shook her.she wouldn't wake up.i picked her up and held her."Kadence?!?wake up!!!"she finally woke up,and I sighed with relief.she rubbed her hand down my face."y-your...alive!"she said and burried her head into me as she began to cry."'s ok,Lou's here now love,don't worry."I took her to bed with me and we both fell back to sleep.

Kadence P.O.V

When I woke back up,Lou was still asleep thank god.i don't know what I would have done without him.the thought of the dream makes me shiver,but I shake it off and walk into the kitchen.i saw a note on the fridge:

"Gone grocery shopping.NEED MORE MILK!

-Hazza xxx"

I laugh.he's so wierd.i walk into the living room to see Lizzy,Niall,Liam and Tabby watching a Miami heat game."what?!?"I said and sat on the couch with them."your watching this without me?!?"Liam looked at me and laughed."sorry love,but Louis told us you had a rough night last night and needed rest."I smiled.i love Lou like a brother,and he knew what was best.soon after I sat down Jason sat beside me."Yeah!Heat!"we all sat down in the living room and watched the game,but Zayn never did show up."where's Zayn?"I finally asked."he's still asleep."said Niall.are you serious?that guy sleeps to much.

Louis P.O.V

When I woke up,the lads and the ladies were watching a heat game.i sat down in the floor with Kadence and Jason."who's winning?"I ask Kadence."who do you think?"she smiled.i laughed.then we heard a phone ring."it's uncle Hazza."said Jason and he walked away to answer it.then the heat made a point "YEAHHH!!!"everyone cheered in union.i gotta admit,It was pretty cool.i mean,the boys and I do it all the time,but knowing that even the 12 year old GIRLS were into the heat as much as we excitement was ruined when Jason ran back through here crying.

Kadence P.O.V

Jason came back in the living room bawling his eyes out.we all ran up to him."Jason!"I could hear the crack in my voice."what's wrong?!?"he swallowed the lump in his throat and his answer shocked us all.

"U-Uncle Harry...he was I-in w-wreck...."

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