cant let her go

kadence is a 12 year old girl who ask her father for 1D tickets.when he says no,she decides to sneaks in the concert. when her dad catches her 1D comes to her rescue.but what happens when her dad files them for kidnap and comes after her?will 1D and her two sisters be able to save her?or will they be stuck in prison?


4. The ride

Louis P.O.V

I got this girl to calm down,but the wierd thing is I felt better suddenly and by looking at Niall,I could see he did to.was this the thing that was missing?

I lose my trail of thought when Harry walks in soaking wet and toilet paper was all over him."it's not quite time for Halloween yet lad."I joke.Harry frowns."I was taking a massive poo when someone slammed the breaks!"Harry walked over to Niall and smacked the back of his head."ow!you little..."Niall looked down at the girl,knowing he shouldn't curse"....hobknocker..."Harry furrowed his brow."that's not even a word!"I finally think Harry noticed the girl because he looks a tiny bit flabbergasted.

Kadence's P.O.V

Harry walked over to me and petted sniffles."who are these little ladies?"Lou shrugged and Niall shook his head."no clue!"said Niall.boy,he sure sounds responsible.

"I'm Kadence and I love you guys!"I said.then I blushed"I wanna ask something..."I said as I stared at the ground"....why did you help me?you don't even know me..."just then,without even a warning,Lou and Harry squished me with a hug and honestly,I think Lou was sobbing a little!"we will help anyone in need!were like superheroes!"said Harry.Louis hopped off of me and stared at Harry."you weren't even there!you were tinkling!"I laughed.then I noticed something wierd."guys,where's Liam and Zayn?"

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