cant let her go

kadence is a 12 year old girl who ask her father for 1D tickets.when he says no,she decides to sneaks in the concert. when her dad catches her 1D comes to her rescue.but what happens when her dad files them for kidnap and comes after her?will 1D and her two sisters be able to save her?or will they be stuck in prison?


28. the party

Kadence P.O.V

It was the night of the party,and our last night in Hawaii.we've been here for 4 nights,but it doesn't seem like enough.hopefully someday we will come back.i shook away the sadness and threw on my fox costume.i walked into the living room to see Niall and Li in their costume.i gotta admit,they looked pretty handsome."hey Kadence!"Said Niall and hugged me.Liam smiled."Nice costume.""right back at you guys!"then Lizzy and Tabby came in.Tabby was dressed as Katy Perry and Lizzy was dressed as a racoon.then came in Harry,Zayn,Perrie and Louis.Perrie's costume was cool,and I love how all the lads dressed up as superheroes.then Randi came through the door.she was dressed as a criminal."suits you well!"said Harry.she punched him in the arm."hey,"I said."where's Jas-""BOO!"someone popped out of the bathroom and I screamed.everyone else was laughing as the person took off the scream mask."Jason!"I said."you gave me a heart attack!"I punched him,then hugged him.we walked down staircase of the hotel and walked into the was this huge room,with food lined up and down the sides!all these superstars were dressed up in costumes and everything was just....just....perfect.then best song ever by the guys came on and if turned around to see they already got on stage.they motioned for me,Tabby,and Lizzy to get on stage.Tabby and Lizzy hopped right up there,but I hesitated.i hate singing infront of people."c'mon big K!"I heard Wesley scream from behind me.then everyone chanted it.maybe it would be fun to get on stage.i hopped up there and everyone cheered.the boys gave us a mic and wanted us to sing the Georgia rose part.we grabbed the mics

Lizzy:said her name was Georgia Rose.(ow!)

Tabby:and her daddy was a dentist.

I was scared,but I just closed my eyes and imagined I was singing in the shower.

Me:Said I had a dirty mouth (got a dirty mouth) but she kissed me like she meant it!

Tabby:I said can I take you home with me.

All:she said never in your wildest dreams!

I've never had so much confidence in my entire life!it was so much fun.when we finished,Lou grabbed me and hugged me tight."I'm so proud of you."he said.then Jason ran up to me and looked me in the eyes"your voice is beautiful..."he planted a kiss on my lips,then pulled away."just like the girl who posses it."I almost cried,right then,right there.i realized how much my life has changed.i have 4 new crazy,wonderful best friends,3 new amazing friends(Perrie,Randi and Wesley),a boyfriend I couldn't live without,and a new dad that I love more than anyone ever will.i looked around.everyone was happy.smiling,laughing,and was marvelous.i jumped in Jason's arms and he carried me wedding style to Louis."sir,i want you to know I'm in love with your daughter,and if I offend you,I'm very sorry."Louis looked like he was about to cry."alright.but if you break her heart,I break your neck."I laughed and Lou kissed my forehead."I won't let you down sir."I hugged Louis."I love you so much,and I couldn't imagine anyone as my dad but you."

"Kadence,I love you too."

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