cant let her go

kadence is a 12 year old girl who ask her father for 1D tickets.when he says no,she decides to sneaks in the concert. when her dad catches her 1D comes to her rescue.but what happens when her dad files them for kidnap and comes after her?will 1D and her two sisters be able to save her?or will they be stuck in prison?


5. Sisters?

Louis P.O.V

"They aren't still asleep,are they?"I said.then Niall looked at me and smirked"guys,hold on!"he said.i grabbed Kadence and Harry held on to the seat and he took an EXTREMLEY tight curve.i heard screams and banging on the wall.Zayn and Liam rush in here in nothing but underwear.i look down at Kadence and she's blushing a lot.i cover her eyes."you don't wanna experience the horror!"she laughs and takes my hands off her eyes.i laugh too."uhhh....vas happenin?"said Zayn."yeah,"Liam spoke."what is happening?."I looked at Harry and he sighed."ugggg.come on,I will tell you the whole thing.and put some clothes on!we have a guest!"

Kadence P.O.V

Harry took Zayn and Liam in the bedroom to explain."what now?"said Niall."umm..."Louis thought for a moment."guess call management."Niall nodded and picked up his iPhone.i looked At the floor.i felt Louis stare."what's wrong love?"I waited a moment to answer."it's nothing.i just miss my sisters."Lou's eyes widened."you have sisters?"I nodded."yea.Lizzy and Tabby Lawrence."

"Do you ever get to see them?"

"No.they ran away a year ago to a foster home.all I can do now is snap chat them."

Louis looked confused."snapchat?whats that?"I smiled."here I will show you!"we took a pic and snapped it to both of wasn't about two secs later that I got one back and they looked extremely surprised.the caption said


I laughed an snapchatted them a pic back of Niall and said

"You know it!"

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