cant let her go

kadence is a 12 year old girl who ask her father for 1D tickets.when he says no,she decides to sneaks in the concert. when her dad catches her 1D comes to her rescue.but what happens when her dad files them for kidnap and comes after her?will 1D and her two sisters be able to save her?or will they be stuck in prison?


18. Hawaii!!

Kadence P.O.V

I was still asleep when I heard the strumming of a guitar.i thought the boys were just practicing."it's time to get up,in the morning..."oh god."got mcdonalds,breakfast for you (or any other brand)..."I knew what was coming."we drove two miles to get it,so you better get up and eat it..."my eyes were to heavy to open I was so tired."don't be a lazy,crazy,selfish boy (Harry)..."Oh No."SO ITS TIME TO GET UP!!!TIME TO GET UP!!!"I shot up like a rocket and looked at Zayn.he just looked at me and we laughed.then Harry shot up."TIME TO GET UP!!"we all cheered and turns out they actually McDonalds."we've got a big day today."said Niall as he scarfed down his food.I've never seen a person eat their food that fast."what's today?"I ask,turning to face Lou.

"Simon said he has a surprise for us."he said.i smiled and ate my food as fast as I was throwing on clothes,I flipped to the news.

"She was last seen getting in a RV with the popular boyband members,Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan from One Direction."my jaw dropped and I screamed through the flat."LOU!!!GET YOUR BUT IN HERE!!!"he ran as fast as he could.

"Is everything alright love?!?"

I shook my head and pointed at the TV.

"Now here's family friend,Dave Daniells."

Dave.i hated him.he would come down and babysit me while my father was out doing god knows what,and treat me just like he did.

"My good friend Trevor died in a car wreck a day ago,and all I would like to do is find his sweet little girl."

I started to cry.what horrible person LIES just to get back a little girl to beat on?Lou cradled me with a hug.I raised up and dried my tears and forced a smile.Louis smiled."let's just go see what Simon wants."I and Louis ran and hopped in their van."PILE IN!!"Lou screamed out of the van door than turned to me.

"Watch out!"Louis screamed I laughed and covered my head.then before I knew it everyone bursted out the flat door and into the van.we drove to Simons house."nice to meet you."Simon said as he shook my hand.we all sat down."Louis,we wanted to congratulate you on your new daughter."Louis smiled and grabbed my hand.i looked at him and smiled."thank you."he said.simon smiled a little and continued."Yes,and as a congratulations gift,were sending you to Hawaii."my jaw almost touched the ground.Hawaii?i looked at everyone else.they were freaking out."when do we leave?"Harry ask


We all cheered,shook hands and left.


Louis P.O.V

This is great!it's a great opportunity to get away from that Dave guy.we do need to keep a low profile.when we got home,the girls started screaming like,well,they were at one of our concerts!"we're going to Hawaii!were going to Hawaii!"they all chanted and ran around the house.jason ran up and gave Kadence a kiss on the made me a little angry.since she's my little girl now,I can do whatever I want to that little chump.i went and picked him up.i ran outside and dangled him over the pool."what do you think your doing?"I said,playing around with him.he looked really scared."IM SORRY UNCLE LOUIS JUST DONT DROP ME IN THE POOL YOU WILL MESS UP MY HAIR!!!!"I laughed and put the kid down.we went back inside and got ready.

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