Starting over, book 2

The main character is Alexis Horan. This is the second book that adds onto the first book of Starting over. I hope you enjoy another action packed, love story!


1. Two years later

Alexis pro

    Its been two years later since Jeff has been killed. Destiny can already talk and walk. She won't lose her blue eyes. She already has hair that grows fast! It's all ready to her neck! She is only two, her hair Is a perfect chocklet brown color. Oh and also I'm pregnant with my first kid! I'm due for labor in two weeks! I wonder if it'll be a girl or boy? I can't wait to have another sweet member to the family! We also had some construction workers come last year and they added five more extra room to the house. I'm using one of them for the nursery. I'm so excited for tell more weeks to come fast! I wish it would hurry up already!oh and I almost forgot, Harry and Allison got married. But so did Louis and Julie and Chloe and Zayn! 

Day of labor, in hospital

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