Starting over, book 2

The main character is Alexis Horan. This is the second book that adds onto the first book of Starting over. I hope you enjoy another action packed, love story!


4. Two still standing

Rachel pro

    Hahaha, my sentence is up tommorow, and Alexis forgot all about me. I'll make her remember soon enough. She killed my husband, and I'm gonna kill her family first right in front of her! Then I'll kill her, she deserves to die! I have a secret weapon to call also, she'll never see this coming. 

Danny pro

hahaha Rachel jut called me. The one that married Jeff, me and her will kill Alexis and her family, I will not be put I'm jail before she is dead! And just maybe I can get Rachel to marry me, we'll be a perfect team!

niall pro

   I wake up and rosa is crying, she probably needs changed. I walk into her nursery and change her. Alexis must be really tired, she is still sleeping. I have rosa in my arms and sit in the rocking chair and feed her a bottle. I put ur back in her crib and give her a rattle. She starts playing with the rattle and I walk into me and Alexis's room. I sit on the bed and her eyes flutter open. I whisper, "already took care of rosa." She smiles and says, "you didn't have to do that, you could've woke me up." "You know it's my responsibility to, and you just looked so peaceful, I couldn't possibly wake you." She smiles and gets out of bed and walks into the bathroom to get ready for a new day. I walk into one of the other bathrooms and get ready to. We're in the kitchen and I put rosa in her baby chair. We all eat and Alexis grabs rosa and we walk into the family room and sit down and watch tv. Rosa starts to fall asleep in Alexis's arms. I love my family, I need to protect my family. I'd give up for them, I stare at Alexis and rosa. It's a perfect image, they're both so perfect. Then all the flashback off and Alexis's memories replay. From the time I met her, till the time we dated, married, and gave birth to rosa.  The flashbacks stop and I smile. I love both of my girls so very much. Alexis puts rosa in her crib and comes and sits next to me on the couch. I whisper to her, "you wanna have a little bonfire party tonight?"


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