Starting over, book 2

The main character is Alexis Horan. This is the second book that adds onto the first book of Starting over. I hope you enjoy another action packed, love story!


17. the propose

Allison POV

   i kind of ran away from the boys. what they didn't see at julies house is that i found a note that had the address on it where lexie and julie are. There's going to be one hell of a problem for danny today. i followed the address and i finally came to an old abandon house. i looked in one of the windows and i saw LEXIE AND JULIE!!! i knocked on the window and lexie ran over and said, "it only unlocks from your side!" i unlocked it and we all ran from the house. Lexie and julie hugged me so tight. we eventually got to the house chloe and the boys were at and i looked through the window and i saw harry crying. he probably thought i got kidnapped. i opened the door and ran in with lexie and julie. Niall face was so, i just dont know how to explain it but he picked up Alexis and hugged her so much. louis did the same to julie and harry did the same to me. then you wouldn't believe what happened next.

Julie POV

    louis stood in front of me and bend on one knee.  he pulled out a black box and opened it. i covered my mouth so i didn't scream. it was a silver ring! he then said, "julie will you be my one and only." he stood up and slipped the ring on my finger before i could say yes an i jumped into his arms and hugged him.



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