Starting over, book 2

The main character is Alexis Horan. This is the second book that adds onto the first book of Starting over. I hope you enjoy another action packed, love story!


9. Planning

Niall pro

     I'm not going to let anyone hurt our family at all! We need a plan, I'll have to call the boys to get them to help.

alexis pro

    Niall offered to take rosa to Dairy Queen and I decide to go take a walk. I start jogging and all the sudden I see a puppy, a lost or actually it's a stray. I slowly walk up to it and it trots over to me licking me! Aww, it looks like a golden retriever puppy. Rosa will love, her. I gently pick up he puppy and go sit on the bench with her. She falls asleep in my lap and its just adorable. The. A boy comes over and sits next to me. He looks about my age actually, I turn to get a closer look and it's Danny! Before I could scream he says, "shhhh, I'm not going to hurt you, Rachel Is forcing me to do this stuff, everything in the passed Rachel and Jeff forced me." I looked deep into his eyes and they looked caring and truthful. He then says, "I need to show you her plan come into my car and I'll show you where it is, I'll let you keep he dog in he back." I was very stupid cause I nodded my head and put the dog in he back and slip into passenger seat. We drive off and eventually arrive at a abandon house. We both get out of he door and right before he runs inside the house he says, "follow me!" I can't see him anymore cause he ready went inside. I run inside right into a trap! He grabs my arms and a different man grabs my legs and they carry me into a bedroom. They throw me in and lock the doors, I'm just sittin there crying not knowing what to do, I dropped my phone so I can't call Niall. Before I know it Danny comes in and says, "you do what we say or we kill you." I nod and stand up real fast and straight. He grins a evil grin and all this fear builds up inside me. He then says, "get on your knees!" I do as I'm told, I don't want to die, or have sex with him. He slowly walks over to me and eventually he is right above me. He finally slowly pushes my upper half of my body to the ground and forces my legs around him. He then says, "you don't pretend to enjoy it ill kill you and rosa!" I nod and I guess I have no choice. He unbuttons his pants and I can tell he has a condom on at least. He finally lifts my body up into the air and I still have my legs wrapped around him but then he slowly throws me into the bed and takes off my pants and underwear, he does the same to his boxers. He gets on top of me and starts to push in, almost like he is jumping as he is entering. He is kissing my breast as he is doing it. 

Danny pro

    This girl makes me feel so good, she is now part of my rape facility. We finally end and I put a thong on her and a see threw braw, I have a customer who wants to do her for 500 dollars. He man walks in and I lead him into a room and say, "enjoy, you get her all night."

Alexis pro

    I have no choice but to enjoy this one to or I'll die or so will rosa. He doesn't hold back he rips off everything and kisses everywhere and enters me all night long. This is hurting me bad!

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