Starting over, book 2

The main character is Alexis Horan. This is the second book that adds onto the first book of Starting over. I hope you enjoy another action packed, love story!


5. Party

Alexis pro

   I smile and say, "yes, we'll invite all the boys over and Allie, destiny, Julie, and Chloe over." He smiles that perfect Niall smile that makes me blush every time. He seems very excited cause he jumps up and calls everyone right away. I laugh as he is doing it since he is just so excited. I got to admit, I'm pretty excited to. After Niall is done he walks into the backyard and starts gathering stuff to make a huge bonfire. He is finished before I know and I know this bonfire will be huge. Niall is in the kitchen pouring himself a glass of water. I walk over to him and say, "I'm gonna go to the store for some food and stuff to make s'mores. His face lit up with excitement when I said s'mores. I just laughed and then he says, "ok! I'll watch rosa." I nod my head and thn leave to the grocery store. I finally get there and pick out some wings and different chips and dips for them. I grab chocklet, gram crackers, and marshmallows for everyone. The two main people that will be eating them, Destiny, and of course, Niall, Haha he just loves food. I go to the checkout and pay. I head for home and before I know it I'm already setting up tables in the backyard, I make the food, put it one the tables and I put chair around the fire. Not to close of course, since its gonna be a huge fire. It's already night and I put Ross's baby chair outside and put her in it. Then one by one everyone comes and walks into the backyard. We then have a good time. But of cours we don't drink since we have little kids around. My life is so perfect, everyday keeps getting better. Destiny is feeding rosa her baby food, very gently. Then Niall is helping destiny with making s'mores. Of course it's Niall that's the one that is helping her. We all pitch in though and eat some. I even picked of a little crumb of marshmallow and gave it to rosa. She litteraly squeeled with joy. She absouloutley loved that marshmallow. I finally put rosa to bed and walk back outside. Then Zayn stands up and says, "I have a surprise, for Chloe." H grabs Chloe's hand and makes her stand up. Then he gets on his knees, and pulls out a gold box! He opens it and its a ring, with beautiful aqua diamonds on it!  

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