Starting over, book 2

The main character is Alexis Horan. This is the second book that adds onto the first book of Starting over. I hope you enjoy another action packed, love story!


3. Moving

Alexis pro

    Were practically rich from the boy's singing careers. So money isn't a problem at all. We'll see  our family a lot to. We just need some bigger space. The house has lots of property to! 20 achers! It's also close to where everyone is living. Did I mention Allison, Harry, and Destiny already moved. But it's close by to! She has a 3 bedroom house, 2 bathroom, living room, big kitchen, basement, and 10 achers. Me and Niall decide that this is the house that is gonna plan our future. I have my little baby Rosa now, that I love so this is gonna plan her future as well. We sign some documents on the houses paperwork. It has been two weeks and we already have everything packed in the house. Tonight is our first night in the house. We already moved and were in. Destiny is in the nursery sleeping, Niall is out to see a movie with the boys. I stayed home but Allison came over with destiny. Destiny is sitting on the couch watching cartoons. Me and Allie are I'm the kitchen talking. I say to Allie, "are life's got so much better." She smiles and nods her head and says, "we have our whole life planed out already, and I know it's a good one." I smile and we walk into the family room and sit on the couch. Destiny is watching sponge bob, then all the sudden she does this really cute laugh, giggle. Me and Allie both laugh as she does it. Destiny is such a sweetheart. Then destiny looks at me and says, "I wanna swee rosa." I smile and say, "ok but you got to be quiet she is sleeping." She smiles and nods her head quickly. She follows me into Rosa's room, we walk over to her crib and rosa is actually awake. I look at destiny and I remember when she was a baby. Her blue eyes turned to hazel just like Harry's. she already had long brown hair that went to her back. She smiles and I pick up rosa, I say to destiny, "go and sit in that rocking chair over there, and I'll let you hold rosa." Destiny smiles this big huge very cute smile and runs over to th chair in excitement. She sits in it and put rosa gently in her arms. Destiny is holding her perfectly, she looks at Rosa in her arms and smiles. Then she starts singing very softly twinkle twinkle little star. Allie is standing in the door way, smiling. Destiny finally is done with her song and rosa is asleep! Wow, when rosa gets a little bit bigger they will be not just cousins but best friends. Destiny is 4 years old, and has a vey wonderful personality. I put rosa back in the crib and we walk downstairs back into the family room. Then the door opens and Harry and Niall walk in. I walk up to Niall and we kiss a very gentle sweet kiss. So does Harry and Allie, then I hear behind me destiny says, "Yuck!!!" We laugh as we're still kissing, then we stop. Then destiny says, "thats the most disgusting thing ever!" We laugh and I hug her and whisper, "your time will come." She shakes her head fast and we laugh again. Before I know it Allie, Harry, and destiny leave and me and Niall are getting ready for bed. He just has boxers on, and I just have my bra and underwear on. Oooo la la, haha, but it's a little to early to have another kid. This is a perfect life, it cannot be broken. I have a perfect loving family now. Me and Niall slip into bed and I lay my head on his chest and we fall alseep.


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