Starting over, book 2

The main character is Alexis Horan. This is the second book that adds onto the first book of Starting over. I hope you enjoy another action packed, love story!


7. Maybe?

Alexis pro

   Three years have passed and no sign of Rachel or Danny. Maybe they really did change? Rosa is having a sleep over with destiny tonight. I think she is old enough, she is already 3. Tonight it's just me and Niall. Before I know it the moon arises and I get ready to walk in bed but something pulls me back around my waist. It's Niall and I turn to him and we kiss. Then he picks me up and I start laughing then he gently puts me on the bed. He creeps over on top of me and we are still kissing. Then he unbuttons my hazel green blouse. He takes it off and I have my black shiny bra on. I help him take  of his shirt and then he unbuttons his pants and mine and we take off our pants. He lifts me up and I wrap my legs onto him and wears making out and he is kissing my boobs. Then he takes off his boxers and my underwear. I grant his access and then he enters me. It doesn't hurt that much, it feels good with him. Three minutes pass and we're laying in bed falling asleep. I awake and it's morning. Destiny is 7 years old, and Allison is pregnant again!!! I'm so happy for them, Chloe already had her wedding and she is pregnant as well. She is pregnant with her first child though. Oh and Louis asked Julie to marry her! I get ready for a new day as Niall is still sleeping, naked. He better get dressed before rosa gets home! I just will let him sleep for a while, rosa isn't gonna be home till 3:00 and it's, wow only 7:00 A.M. Why did I wake up so early, I surprise myself sometimes. I make breakfast for when Niall wakes up, it's just pancakes, eggs, and sausage. As I eat the table Niall walks downstairs, he has sweat pants on and a white t-shirt. Good thing he got dressed, I walked over to his sleep eyes and whisper, "I made breakfast." His eyes widen, as if he was a small child getting a puppy. I laugh and gesture my hand to the table that I already set up for us. We both sat down but I'm not really hungry. Niall tilts his head and says, "how on earth are you not hungry from all that "work out" last night." I fake a laugh and say, "umm I'm just not hungry." I wasn't gonna worry him even though I feel like someone is watching us. It's so creepy, it feels like someone is giving me an evil stare/ glare. I turn around in my chair and look out the window behind me. Well there's no one there. I'm gonna lighten up the mood a bit. I'm gonn call just the other boys over and we're gonna plan a prank. So I did and the boys came over acting naturally and brought a scary movie. We a sat on he couch as Zayn inserted he movie, the conjuring. We started watching it as I fell alseep terrified in Nialls arms. I wake up but all the boys must've left. Niall must be sleeping up stairs, it's only 10:00 so not a while until rosa comes home. I walk into the kitchen and I feel someone breathing practically on my neck. I turn around and right in front of me is a masked guy with a knife!!!! I scream so very loudly hoping Niall will hear me. Then the guy removes his mask and its, Niall! The other boys are behind h laughing as I stomp In the other room still in tears thinking that Jeff came back from the dead. Niall walks in and says, "I'm sorry babe." I look at Nima md fake a laugh and say, "hah whatever." Then I turn around my back facing Niall. Then all the sudden he picks me up by the waist and turns me around in the air an makes me kiss him. Well it want forcing cause I really enjoyed it!

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