Starting over, book 2

The main character is Alexis Horan. This is the second book that adds onto the first book of Starting over. I hope you enjoy another action packed, love story!


2. Labor

Alexis pro

    I'm in the hospital and I'm already in labor. Niall I standing right next to me letting me squeeze his hand every time I have to push. Niall acts calm and it settles me down to. I push more and more then I hear beautiful crying and it's my.... My baby! I get stitched up and Niall is already sitting next to me with our new beautiful little girl! Then Niall says, "you get to pick first name." Then I think and say, "you know I bet Destiny and my little girl will get along well! I want to name her Rosalina!" Then Niall gets to pick middle name, "her middle name should be.... Hope! Because before we needed a lot of hope and now we got it!" The doctor makes a copy of birth certificate, Roaslina, Hope, Horan. Niall gives me Rosa to hold why he grabs the certificate. We're gonna call her Rosa for short. I'm so happy, my life couldn't get any better! I will take good care of rosa! I lover her so much! This is he happiest moment of my life! I have a husband and a child! Tommorow we leave to go home! I can't wait to go home, I don't really like being at hospitals. They scare me for some reason, just knowing that people die here everyday. 

Next day at home

   Niall pro

We're finally home with my wife and new child, Rosa. I'm the most happiest man in the world! Destiny takes one look at Rosa and kisses her on the forehead very gently. Aww it was so adorable. Destiny is so sweet, she is also very gentle. She can be shy sometimes though when she is meeting new people. It started to get crowded in the house now. Me and Alexis had a private conversation of us talking about getting are own house. She agreed and we told everyone. Actually Harry and Allison were thinking about getting their own place to. Me and Alexis started looking at houses with five bedroom. Yep five, we might have more kids one day. You never know.  Then we look at a house and drive to it to go through a walk through of it. It had 5 bedroom, 3 bathrooms, a huge kitchen, a family room that is very large, a huge basement with a dryer and washing machine coming with the house! This was it, the perfect house! Alexis looks at me and I look at her. She says, "Niall I think this is the one." I whisper to her, "I know! I was thinking the same thing." 

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