Starting over, book 2

The main character is Alexis Horan. This is the second book that adds onto the first book of Starting over. I hope you enjoy another action packed, love story!


10. I'll protect you

Niall pov

    Me and rosa got back home from Dairy Queen. Rosa always gets regular vanilla with sprinkles . I walk in the house with rosa holding my hand. I realize Alexis is still not home. But wait its been like 3 hours, she should be home by now. I decided to only wait five minutes. But she never came back. I called the police  right away! As I got off the phone from calling the police rosa tuggs on my shirt and says, "Daddy is mama gonna die?" It broke my heart when she said that. I picked her up and looked into her blue eyes and said, "of course not." Then she said, "am I gonna die?" A tear came into my eye and I said, "no, I'll always protect you,"




Hey I'm the author Alexis! The next to get pregnant will be Julie! Isn't so cute but so sad when rosa was acting that way! Julie in the next chapter is gonna be very hard core. She is what you would never expect. When I say hard core, I mean shot guns! Hehehehehehe!

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