Starting over, book 2

The main character is Alexis Horan. This is the second book that adds onto the first book of Starting over. I hope you enjoy another action packed, love story!


11. Holy $&@!

Niall pro

        2 hours past and rosa is already in bed. The police already came over and took interviews, they even had to call over all the boys and Julie, Chloe, and Allie. Julie was cussing so much durring her interview. I hope she wasn't drunk! She was freaking out about lexie, me on the other hand I was crying. I couldn't stop crying! Julie's face was red and after the police left she yelled, "IM GONNA KILL THE MOTHER FUCKER WHO TOOK ALEXIS!!!" I just sat on the couch staring at a blank tv. Then the rest of them joined me. Then after a while I heard little foot steps come downstairs. I looked behind me and I see rosa. She then whispers, "daddy I had a bad dream." I got off the couch and picked her up and laid her in my arms and sat back down. She slowly drifted off to her sleep. I then whisperd to Julie, "you wake up my daughter cause your drunk, I will beat you." She nodded her head and we all finally fell asleep. 

Julie pov 

     I wake up before anyone else. I need to buy ammo for my shot gun you know! I'm sick of all those people making Alexis's life a living hell. And whoever took her, IM GONNA MAKE THEIR LIFE A LIVING FUCKING HELL!!! Without the the fuck though. I need to get her back, no excuses!

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