The English Teacher

Two different people from two different worlds. Sounds cliche, right? But it's true.

First there's Charlotte Dent. The normal kid in school who get's pretty good grades. She's a senior this year but hasn't exactly been in a "real" relationship.

And then there's Ashton Keiler. He was a player in high school which makes sense due to his good looks and hilarious personality. He ended up being an English teacher at Oak Grove High School.

When their paths meet, sparks fly. But can they keep the relationship a secret long enough for Charlotte to graduate?


17. Charlotte

"Experience is not what happens to you; it's what you do with what happens to you."


-Aldous Huxley

"I feel jealous of her. I wish I could open up and just dump my entire hideous life into the center of the circle for everyone to dissect and give me advice."

I read from one of my favourite books: Cracked by K.M. Walton. I've read it countless times but only because it's a really good book.

I've noticed that I like to read books about mental illnesses. I think it reminds me of how good I have it and that I'm completely normal in a way. I mean, I'm dating my teacher so maybe I'm not completely sane.

I yawn, putting my book down next to me. I untangle myself from my duvet, waking up Ed from his slumber. My feet hit the cold, wooden floor as I pick up the orange cat and make my way to the kitchen, setting him down on one of the stools. I take out a pan as well as the cocoa powder, deciding to make myself hot chocolate.

As the stove and pan heat up, I look out the window to see the typical weather. I shiver, imagining how cold it must be outside. I pull my sweater tighter against myself, watching the large, fluffy snowflakes be tossed around in the sky.

I notice the pan was hot so I decided to just make my hot chocolate to warm myself up.

When it's finally done I walk into the living room, carrying Ed along with me once again. I sit down on the couch and turn on the TV to Netflix. I click on the Sherlock icon and sip on my hot chocolate letting Ed sleep on my lap.

I end up watching three episodes during that time and fell asleep afterwards along with Ed. I only woke up from my slumber, when my mother came home for dinner.

"Charlotte, Ashton will be coming over for dinner tonight. I'd like you to help me with the salad."

My ears perked up at the mention of Ashton.

"How long until he's over?" I shout back.

"About 30 minutes,"

I immediately shot up from the couch and ran to my room. I throw on the first thing I could find which just happens to be an orange collared dress and a pair of sandals. I accessorize with an owl ring, a bow bracelet, and a pair of rose gold studs. That was after taking a few minutes of trying to decide. He may have seen me in a baggy sweatshirt and large sweatpants but it doesn't hurt to look nice once in a while, especially at a dinner where my mother would be present.

I brush through my hair, placing a headband in for a simple touch and apply some mascara, reminding myself to go out and buy more seeing as I'm running out.

I decide I look presentable enough so I go to help my mother with the salad.

"You look nice," she says, fiddling with my collar.

"Thanks. So do you." I respond truthfully, kissing her on the cheek. She doesn't really dress up anymore so this is a change. 

I finish up with the salad and setting up the table that might be a little bit too small for all three of us. I hear a knocking at the door, making me nervous.

I don't exactly know why I'm nervous, really. He's been over before so today shouldn't be any different other than the fact that this is the first time my mom has seen him since Christmas which was only 3 days ago. Sometimes I think it just gets to me a little more than it should that he is still my teacher.

I straighten out the skirt of my dress as I walk towards the door.

"Hello, beautiful." He says smiling, kissing me on the cheek just like I did with my mum but with a loving passion.

I blush and gesture him inside with my hands.

"Oh hello!" my mother exclaims, seeing Ashton walk in.

"These are for you," he says, holding out a bouquet of flowers.

"Thanks, darling!"

Well tonight will be eventful.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Two hours later and plenty of embarrassing childhood stories later, it was time for Ashton to leave. After all, he is a teacher and needs to grade homework assignments, including mine. So he left me with a kiss, a kiss that left me wanting more.

I ended up just going upstairs afterwards, changing into a pair of leggings and a t-shirt and taking off all my jewelry.

I sit on my bed with my laptop in hand, deciding to go searching on YouTube. Seeing as how It's Time by Imagine Dragons is my favourite song right now, I look up "It's Time Imagine Dragons cover" and was pleased when I found a good cover from a girl named Abigail. On the side bar, I found other covers by her and click on another one which is The Apple Tree cover by Nina Nesbitt.

I must say that, that cover is my favourite cover of a song ever. The way she puts in so much emotion and her guitar playing is incredible. I watch it over and over again until I memorize the lyrics completely.

And this is how I spent the rest of the night, developing a girl crush on this Abigail girl and only falling asleep at 1AM. Oops. But hey, it's winter break.

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