The English Teacher

Two different people from two different worlds. Sounds cliche, right? But it's true.

First there's Charlotte Dent. The normal kid in school who get's pretty good grades. She's a senior this year but hasn't exactly been in a "real" relationship.

And then there's Ashton Keiler. He was a player in high school which makes sense due to his good looks and hilarious personality. He ended up being an English teacher at Oak Grove High School.

When their paths meet, sparks fly. But can they keep the relationship a secret long enough for Charlotte to graduate?


13. Charlotte

“But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine.”



-Thomas Jefferson





                I got to school to see that it looked like Poppy was thinking what I was thinking. We both knew it was a good day, that’s for sure. She was wearing her favourite The Smiths t-shirt that she wears on good days.



                By first glance, Poppy looks a little bit like a punk on most days. She avoids that by wearing something super girly. Today, it was her floral Converse that I absolutely adore! Her style is perfect in my eyes, I’d like to dress just like her but it doesn’t really suit me. I’ll just stick with my girly dresses and skirts.



                I went to all my classes like I would on any other day but today I got a lot of “cute outfits” and “I love your skirt!” from some of my fellow female classmates which only made my day a whole lot better.



Sooner than I expected, it was time for English with Mr. Keiler other known as Ashton. When I’m in school I must call him Mr. Keiler in my head just in case I end up blurting out ‘Ashton’. It would get both of us in loads of trouble by the principle. He’d get fired and I’d get expelled. He’d also get arrested for being a “pedophile” and no other school would hire him…



                Yeah I’m not calling him Ashton in school.



                I’m getting books and other shit you need for school out of my locker when Poppy comes and shuts my locker.



               “What did you do that for?!”



               “We’re skipping class,” she says smiling to herself. Oh no, her badass look is starting to affect her mind.



               “Why would we be skipping class, this is Mr. Keiler we’re talking about.”



               “Is that what you call him in bed?” I blush and slap her shoulder playfully, “But we’re skipping class because it creates mystery!”



               “Why would we want to create mystery?”



               “You ask a lot of questions,”



               “Sorry, I’m just a curious person,” I remark sarcastically.



               We actually did end up skipping class. It turns out that you can do anything in this school without getting caught. We just walked around having as much fun as we could.



               I thought it was an amazing idea to race down the halls which concluded in me running face-first into a wall. I’m most definitely a clumsy one. It hurt though! And the only thing that Poppy did was laugh at me; I can’t blame her. It would have been hilarious if I were to see it. The only part of it that I saw was my face colliding with the wall which wasn’t a lovely sight.



               As I said, we were having an outstanding time. That is, until we just-so-happen to run into Aiden. He and Landon had pretty much “hit it off” in a London coffee shop. I know, it’s cheesy. Landon brought him home while I was having a sleepover at Poppy’s and as always, we became friends with him. He was adorable and funny and I would date him if he wasn’t 26 and dating my best friend’s brother. That and I have Ashton so I’m good!



               We stood in the hallway chatting for a bit before he brought up the fact that we were supposed to be in class.



               “We decided to ditch to create mystery,” she says,



“               Where are you supposed to be?”



               “Mr. Keiler’s fourth period; he teaches English.” 



               “I’ll walk you there; I have to ask him something anyways,”



               How does he know Ashton?



               We end up walking together and catching up. Landon and Aiden are still happily dating. Their four year anniversary is coming up in February; I don’t know how they aren’t married yet! It’s legal here in Minnesota so I don’t know why one of them won’t drop on one knee and propose already!



               We reach the classroom soon enough, which means that the rest of the conversation will be saved for later.



               “Stay out here until I tell you to come in, alright?” Aiden says, Poppy and I say ‘alright’ in unison and giggle afterwards. He rolls his eyes and walks into the classroom, closing the door afterwards.



               “Remember that wall?” Poppy brings up, tilting her head up towards the ceiling as if trying to think back far in the past.



               “Shut up, you know I’m clumsy,”



               “Don’t tell me to shut up; who do you think you are?!” Poppy remarks in a false-sassy tone, putting her hand on her hip. We both laugh, and then laugh at each other laughing. A minute or two later, Aiden pulls us into the classroom by our hands only to see every kid in the class staring at us. What happened this time?! Did they hear us or something?!



               “—Oh and also, I found these two roaming around the halls waiting for me.” Is what we heard when Aiden pulled us in, I couldn’t hear the first part though.



               “You two know Aiden?”  Ashton questions,



               “It will all be explained at dinner tonight. Oh, I’m pretty sure Max and Cody are getting engaged pretty soon. So that means you may have to be my brother-in-law.”



            “Um, how do you know this?”



            “She just knows. Now get on with the lesson that we missed most of.”



               Poppy and I scurried to our seats, barely missing what Aiden and Ashton’s small talk was about. The rest of class went by as a blur, same as every day. The only thing worth mentioning is the subtle eye contact my boyfriend and I shared.



               The rest of the day was uneventful other than getting me candies from one of the meanest teachers. And by me, I mean only me. No one else got candy! Not only that, but she was actually nice to me! I’m curious of what I did; it was probably an essay I turned in a few days ago.



               I couldn’t forget about the dinner that’s supposed to happen tonight at some fancy restaurant. I didn’t even know it was going to happen until my mother told me this morning, but when Ashton mentioned it I couldn’t figure out why we were all going to dinner when Domino’s pizza in Ashton’s flat would have worked out perfectly.





               The day ends sooner than expected, well, the school day that is. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized that I have nothing to wear. I call up Poppy telling her about my issue, she tells me that she’ll take care of it and to come over at 3 to get ready.



               The time is 2:30 so I still have 20 minutes before having to leave. I start on my homework, trying to rush through it all yet glancing at the clock frequently. I later decide to just leave early so the time getting ready will be done earlier. I reach her very large house and walk in. It’s become normal for us to just walk into each other’s houses. I walk the path to her bedroom, stopping to say ‘hello’ to Cody and Landon. When I was 11 years-old, I had a crush on Cody. It was cute but didn’t exactly last long. When I told Poppy only a few days after, she told me a few stories which fundamentally made my crush disappear.



               I reach her room to see her looking through her closet. Once she sees me, she pulls me in her closet with her. Yes, I did say ‘in’.  Poppy has a walk-in closet that I am totally jealous of. In my closet you can’t even walk a step without being bombarded with clothes and shoes.



               “Find something you like and I’ll find something for myself. This will be like shopping at the mall but in my closet,” she says, her eyes still scanning looking for something. I eventually find a white, peter pan collared dress that didn’t look like it belonged in her closet. I also found these really cute 1-inch heels and a satchel.



               “Where did you get this stuff from? It doesn’t look like it belongs in your closet,”



               “It’s my mother’s attempt to change my clothing choices.”



               “Makes sense, you would never wear these,” I say holding up the shoes.



               “Way too girly and plain, it’s disgusting,” she jokes, pulling a face in mock disgust.



               I find a few more accessories and such that would suit the outfit and decide that it’s finished. I look at what Poppy selected for herself. Usual Poppy. She chose a leather material, high waisted skirt and a red crop top. She paired some jewelry that fit her personality as well as some black high heels. It looked nice from what I’ve seen of it.


                I got dressed in my outfit and so did Poppy. We turn to each other, scanning over the other’s outfit.



                “Perfect,” we say at the same time. We seem to do that a lot.



                “Do you want me to do your makeup?” She asks, with a sly grin on her face,



                “Uh no thanks, I go for the natural look! I can do it myself,”



'               “Suit yourself, princess.”



                If anyone who didn’t know us listened to most of our conversations, they would think that we hated each other but we both know that we’re joking around.



                I paint my nails and do my makeup by the time that Poppy has finished her eyes. I decided not to wait for her and to do her hair. After a while of thinking, I decided on enhancing her natural curls with a curling iron. I finished around the same time as it took her to finish all of her makeup and her nails which she painted plain black.




                We finish just on time; it must be a girl thing or something. We just finish packing our purses when we hear the doorbell that just has to be Aiden.



                We both check our makeup out of habit and rush down the stairs to see Landon standing by the door laughing with both, Ashton and Aiden. He’s an easy-going type of guy which means he has quite a few friends. Ashton glances over at me and his smile broadens.



                “Ready to go?”



               “Yup, I’ve been ready for hours,” I say, over exaggerating the ‘o’ in ‘hours’. Poppy smacks my shoulder with her purse playfully. We walk outside only to find a limo. Yes that’s right, a limo! This is exciting news for me! Quite frankly, this could just be the best day of my life.



               Upon getting inside the limo, everyone jumped into conversations. All of us get along great which is always helpful. No one is ever left out.





               The dinner was truly eventful; we made a few new inside jokes. But Ashton being the idiot that he is (it’s quite weird saying he’s an idiot since he is a teacher), forgot that the reservation was at 7 even though he told us 6 so we ended up going to the mall for about an hour, goofing around until 7.



               When the dinner started, we had two surprise guests: Landon and Lucas. Poppy surprised Lucas with a passionate kiss, must I remind you that we were in a fancy restaurant and Poppy squealed already causing everyone in the restaurant to glare at us.  



               Tonight was a good night. A very good night filled with memories and conversations I’ll never forget, no matter what happens. 


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