The English Teacher

Two different people from two different worlds. Sounds cliche, right? But it's true.

First there's Charlotte Dent. The normal kid in school who get's pretty good grades. She's a senior this year but hasn't exactly been in a "real" relationship.

And then there's Ashton Keiler. He was a player in high school which makes sense due to his good looks and hilarious personality. He ended up being an English teacher at Oak Grove High School.

When their paths meet, sparks fly. But can they keep the relationship a secret long enough for Charlotte to graduate?


14. Ashton

“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.”


-Judy Garland



 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



               All Saturday Chase, Liam, and I got Chase situated into my apartment. It was kind of weird to think that I had a couple students in my life as friends. Most people would think that is wrong, but for me it’s not. For me it’s kind of cool, I still get to live my young life with teenagers who aren’t much younger than me.



               At this moment, I am cuddling with Charlotte on one of my couches and Chase and Liam on the other couch while we are having a Scary Movie Marathon. These are so funny. They call them Scary Movie, but in reality they are just plain right funny.



               All a sudden I hear Chase gasp, and we devote all our attention to him.



               “It’s freaking snowing!” We all look out the window before pausing the Television and rushing to the front door to put on our hats, coats, gloves, and boots before we run out my apartment door and down the hall to the stairs. As we make our way down the stairs and out the doors to a field that is right off of the parking lot and apartment building, I intertwine Charlotte’s fingers with mine.



               “Finally on Sunday, December 15th it snows. Hell, it’s finally here,” I spin Charlotte around so she’s facing me, “Dance with me?”



               “Our first dance is during the first snowfall.” We slowly sway together with her hands around my neck and mine at her waist. The snow was lightly falling, but it was enough for it to stick not only on the ground but in Charlotte and mines hair. Her hair glistened in the dim sunlight as the snow falls onto her hair. I spin her around before starting to sing quietly,



               “I've been looking for you forever baby we go Together baby we go, we go,” I spin her around again, “Girl I've been looking for you, and when I saw you I knew, that I finally found, I finally found you.”



               “Cause boy I'm not letting go I'm gonna make you feel right, oh yea.” Charlotte sings quietly but enough for me to be able to hear.



               “If they do, look like lost, stand in a crowd of people, I've been looking for you forever baby we go Together baby we go, we go, in this crazy world of choices I've only got a few, either you're coming with me, or I'm coming with you, cause I finally found, I finally found you, you never have to worry if what I say is true, girl I've been looking for you, and when I saw you I knew. That I finally found, I finally found you.” She had a slight blush on her face as I cup her cheek with my hand and lean in and give her a slow, passionate kiss on her lips. “In this crazy world of choices I've only got a few, either you're coming with me, or I'm coming with you, cause I finally found, I finally found you.”



                “Finally finally, finally found you, finally finally, finally found, finally found, I finally found you.” She sings a little bit more confidently.



               “You know I’m gon' get ya.” We finish together, then we hear clapping and we turn slightly to see Chase and Liam gawking and clapping at us.



               “I never knew you two could sing. Charlotte you are really good.” Liam and Chase admired us both.



               “Excuse me, that is rude to only give my girlfriend feedback.” I pouted. Charlotte lightly grabs my face to face her as she goes slightly on her tip-toes and gives me a kiss on my lips.



               “You are an amazing singer babe,” She says as she pulls away, “I never knew you could sing like that, you are amazing.”



               I turn my head over to look at Chase and Liam expectantly, “I’m waiting.”



              They both slightly chuckle, “Sorry Charlotte, but Ashton is a way better singer than you. Ashton, you have a talent.” Chase says as Liam nods his head.



               “You guys offended me in no way. I’m not a big singer so I don’t mind that you think Ashton is better than me because it’s true,” The snow had started to fall a little harder than it was so the ground was now covered in a white sleet of snow. I slowly crouch down to the snow on the ground and make a ball out of the snow. No one had noticed me packing snow because they were too caught up in a conversation between the three of them.



                “Snowball fight!” I yell as I chuck the snowball at Charlottes back and start to run.



               Soon we all were pelting snowballs at each other like little kids. These are the times I think I’m a teenager again. After a while we were all soaked with the water from the snowballs heading inside the doors to the stairs that lead up to my apartment.



               “That was the most fun I’ve had in a long time I must admit.” Chase said as we all nodded and entered my apartment, taking off all our outdoor clothing we had on, and heading towards the kitchen in our soaking daily clothes.



               I start heating up a kettle of water, then walking over towards one of my cupboards and pulling out a thing of marshmallows and hot chocolate mix. Taking out four glass mugs and putting some hot chocolate mix in each, I ask everyone if they want marshmallows or not. They all say yes obviously because who doesn’t love marshmallows, and especially in hot chocolate? As I pour the hot water from the kettle into the mugs, I check the clock to see it was already a quarter to seven.



               “Hot chocolate is served. Now I’m going to go and change while I let mine cool. Oh Charlotte, can I talk to you?” She just nods and follows me out of the kitchen and to my room where I immediately take off my damp shirt. “When are you going home? I would ask you if you wanted to stay over but we have school tomorrow and you don’t have clothes.”



               “Who said I didn’t have clothes?” She smirks, “I told my mum that I was staying at Poppy’s, so I have a bag of my clothes in my car.”



               “You mean to tell me that you actually planed on staying without even my consent?” She nodded slowly as her cheeks became a slight red shade. “Well, you can stay here then. I’d love for you to stay overnight.”



               She just smiles before telling me to change and that she’s going to go out to her car and grab her stuff. I pull off my jeans and boxers to replace them with clean boxers and sweat pants. I throw on a loose fitting t-shirt before exiting my room and going back into the kitchen. But only am I met by Chase sitting on the counter with Liam between his legs in a, what looks to me like, heated make out session. What is it with me finding guys making out everywhere in my house?



               Just as I’m about to disturb the two lovebirds, my front door slams shut and in comes a breathless looking Charlotte.



               “What’s wrong?” I started to get a little bit worried. She’s never done this before.



               “I’ll tell you later, but right now I’m going to go and change and sit on the couch drinking my hot chocolate while snuggling on the couch with you.” With that she left towards the bathroom. I turn towards Chase and Liam who are both now sitting on the counter fingers intertwined.



               “What was that? She’s never acted like that before,” Liam stated kind of confused. All I do is shake my head as I grab Charlotte and mines mugs and heading over towards the couch.



               I lay on the couch wondering what could have spooked her so much into having her run into my apartment? Only time will tell I guess.



               About an hour later Charlotte is quietly snoring on my chest as she sleeps. Liam and Chase fell asleep a little before Charlotte did so it was only me awake now. I carefully grab my phone from the coffee table and open it up to set my alarm for tomorrow. Once I’ve set it, I slowly set it back down and lay my head onto the arm rest, soon dosing off.



               “Peanut butter Jelly time,” I slowly open my eyes from the sound of my alarm going off and groan. I don’t feel like teaching today. I just want to lay on the coach all day cuddling with Charlotte. But that can’t happen so I slowly start to rub her back and continuously kiss her hair and forehead until she groans and slowly opens her eyes. I’m met with hazel brown eyes looking into mine.



               “It’s time to get up babe.” She groans before getting up and heading over towards Liam and Chase. Since Chase was laying on top of Liam, she crouched down to Liam’s ear before yelling, “Get up!”



               Liam jumps up which causes Chase to fall off onto the floor landing on his bum. Charlotte and I burst out laughing while Chase stands up whispering incoherent things under his breath.



               After we are all up, we all get ready for school. We decided to get coffee and a muffin on the way because we had enough time.



                We all stepped out of my car in the school’s parking lot for staff, and said our farewells before heading our separate ways. Well more like them heading towards the front of the school and me heading towards my classroom.



               Once I enter my classroom, I head over and sit at my desk while I assort my papers and made sure I had the tests for my first two classes with me. I get up and walk over towards the board and write ‘Don’t start until the bell rings for class to begin. You have the full period to complete this test, so take your time’ before I take the stack of papers and set them on every desk. A few moments later the bell rings and people start coming in and sitting down waiting for the second bell to ring.



               Slowly the time passes by through my first and second classes before my free period is here. However I exit my classroom to go teach a math class because they were short on substitute teachers and I just so happen to have a free this period so they asked me.



               I hesitantly enter Mr. Laide’s class glancing up at all the students. As I rake across everyone, my eyes land on three very familiar faces.



               “Okay, so I’m going to be subbing for Mr. Laide this hour because he’s out. I’m Mr. Keiler if you don’t know who I am,” I catch Liam, Chase, and Charlotte all smirking at me, “I was told that I could do whatever I wanted to do, so I decided I would play a game with you guys that I played back in school. What you do, is you go around the room saying numbers and/or math symbols. I’ll demonstrate.” I call up Charlotte, Chase, and Liam to help me because I know they know what I’m talking about. “So, it starts off by someone saying  a number. Then a symbol, then another number and then you solve it. You cannot repeat symbols or numbers in the set. We’ll demonstrate; 37.”









               “Equals 1,258,”



               “Divided by,”






               “Equals 629,”









               “Equals 272,”









               “Equals 275. Do you kind of get how to play?” They all nod their heads, “Okay, you can’t use a calculator or anything to figure these out. Just your brain, let’s begin.” We started from the first desk on the left side in the front.












               “Equals 594,”









               “Equals 677,”








               “Equals 614,”



               “Divided by,”






               “Equals 307,”



               “Good. Now keep doing that until the bell rings.” With that they were off having fun and using their brains.



               Finally when the bell sounded I walked towards the door and headed back down the hall to my classroom.



               As class goes by, I can’t help but glance every like five minutes over at Charlotte, admiring her because she looks so cute when she scrunches her nose up when she’s concentrating, that I just want to run over to her and kiss her senseless. I had the whole class doing a writing assessment on the most memorable time in their lives. I kind of thought this would be a fun assessment to do and look over at the same time.



               Finally the bell rings and they all turn in their papers as they head towards the door. Once they all exit the room, I take a stack of lined paper and place a piece on every single desk once again and then sit down at my desk and begin reading some of the assessments from the previous. Once the bell rings for class to start, I explain what the writing assessment is and then let them get to work on them.



               I continued to read over each one of the assessments from the class before, chuckling a bit at a few. Once I got to Charlottes I started reading and ended up smiling wide.



Charlotte Dent

December 16th

Writing Assessment



                What’s my most memorable thing that’s happened in my life you ask, well I do have many but the thing is they aren’t as memorable as what I’m about to tell you. You see, my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost a month now, and I am the happiest human being out there. He’s absolutely amazing. Anyways, the first snowfall of the year was last night and it was one of the best snowfalls ever.



                I had been dreaming of going outside with my boyfriend when the first snowfall fell for a while. Dancing around in the snow and having a laugh was what I wanted to do when the first snowfall fell. It actually came true in some ways.



                My boyfriend, two of our friends, and I were all over at his house when one of our friends pointed out that it was snowing so we all looked over and saw that it was and sprinted to get our things on to go outside. When we had finally gotten outside, my boyfriend intertwined our fingers together and walked us towards the middle of the grass and pulled me so I was facing him and asked me to dance. Our first dance as a couple was during the first snowfall, how beautiful.



                After a little bit of just us swaying together, he started to sing. Oh how he can sing. I eventually started singing with him a little but my voice isn’t as great as his. He’s like a singing God. His voice is beautiful.



                We had shared a few kisses here and there, it was absolutely beautiful.



                I ended up talking to our friends a little bit before hearing my boyfriend yell “Snowball fight!” and through a snowball at my back. That’s when everything turned into a full out snowball fight. It was so much fun.



                Afterwards we went inside for some hot chocolate and sat down on the couch and snuggled until we all fell asleep.



                You may be thinking why I chose this as my most memorable thing in my life; I chose this because it was something that I had dreamed about doing a lot. When something like this happens, you know it has to me memorable. But for me, it was more memorable than anything else in my life. It meant something to me.



               As I finish reading her assessment the bell rings and everyone drops their papers on my desk and files out of the classroom. I still can’t wipe off the huge smile that’s on my face, I was so happy.



               Thankfully it was my lunch break so I headed down to the cafeteria to see what was for lunch today. It turned out it was just a sub sandwich, chips, and fruit so I took them walking back to my classroom. But before I left the cafeteria, I noticed Liam, Chase, Poppy, Lucas, and Charlotte all laughing and talking at the table they were at. I decided to head back to my classroom so I could eat and get ready for my last class of the day before free.



               I ate lunch before going and placing lined paper on every desk once again. Before I knew it 6th was almost over. Only one more hour till I get to go home and hopefully cuddle with Charlotte.



               Finally the bell rings and I am left alone until my door swings open then closed and locked. Charlotte turns around and walks towards my desk sitting on it facing me.



               “Well, what do I owe of your presence?” I smirk slightly.



                “I just wanted to see my boyfriend.”



                “I really loved what your most memorable moment was. It made me smile. Literally I could not stop smiling for a while.” She blushed slightly.



                “I was only speaking the truth. You are my most memorable moment weather you like it or not.” She states being a bit sassy at the end.



                “I see. I loved it though; your writing is really good,” She smiles, “Also thanks for admiring my singing so much. I do sound like a singing God.”



               She lightly punches my shoulder, “A bit cocky are we?” I just laugh slightly before slowly leaning in and place my lips on hers. I can already tell that I am truly, madly, deeply in love with her. I’ve never felt this way towards anyone I’ve dated in the past, even though we’ve only been dating for a few weeks, I do think I’m falling deeper and deeper in love with her.



               “I love you.” I state as I pull away from the kiss. She looks completely stunned but to my surprise she says the three words that make my heart beat faster and my world lighten up.



               “I love you, too.”



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