The English Teacher

Two different people from two different worlds. Sounds cliche, right? But it's true.

First there's Charlotte Dent. The normal kid in school who get's pretty good grades. She's a senior this year but hasn't exactly been in a "real" relationship.

And then there's Ashton Keiler. He was a player in high school which makes sense due to his good looks and hilarious personality. He ended up being an English teacher at Oak Grove High School.

When their paths meet, sparks fly. But can they keep the relationship a secret long enough for Charlotte to graduate?


12. Ashton

“The boy who is going to make a great man must not make up his mind merely to overcome a thousand obstacles, but to win in spite of a thousand repulses and defeats.”



-Theodore Roosevelt



- - - - - - - - - -



8:45 was just around the corner. School was just starting and students were coming into the classroom slowly and tiredly; this is always the problem with getting up early and going to school to learn. Though, somehow I felt like today would be a good day.



            Once everyone was seated I started off by talking about literature. It was a day where I explained the literacy of poetry, and the meaning behind it.



            “Okay, class, I’m going to have you tonight work on how literature written in poetry emphasizes the aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language. We’ll be going over it tomorrow in class.” With that first period was over with, and second was coming in as I was getting ready to re-teach what I taught first period.



            I have two AP classes that I teach and those are my first and second classes. During third period –my free period - I work on getting what I’m teaching the rest of my classes ready, and look over the lesson plans and all that stuff.



            Second period is always boring to me because these children do not know how to have fun. I’ll through in a cheesy joke, and they look at me like I’m crazy. I may be somewhat crazy but it’s still a joke that every other class I have laughs at. It’s extremely exhausting to teach with 30 pairs of eyes watching your every move and listening to your every word. I know for a fact that you aren’t supposed to listen to every word a teacher says because then a teacher would feel like they’re boring the rest of the class, but in reality you really aren’t supposed to listen to them completely. My second period is confusing.



            I was actually just ready to sleep when I get home because just by teaching two classes wear me out. Though, I had to go out with my parents, brother, and the Moore’s which I believe to be extremely awkward because I’m basically having dinner with a student who is also my girlfriends best friend. My mother said she had a surprise for Max and I tonight so that kind of makes me a bit nervous but then a bit excited to see what the surprise is. I just hope it’s not another baby. I cringe at that thought, why did my mind just have to think of that? I love kids and all, but it’s just the image of them doing you know what at their age. Ugh, I’m so disgusted.



            It was my free period in which I didn’t have a class and all I was thinking about was that. I don’t think my mind likes me that much today. It’s very mean to me.



            The bell finally sounded for fourth period. I was happy that I had something to do rather than think about my parents being intimate. I could probably vomit right now.



            As everyone seats themselves, I can’t help but notice Poppy and Charlotte’s desks are empty and they aren’t in the classroom. I was a little worried because they are usually never late for my class. Odd.






            I started class still having that fear that something was wrong stuck in the back of my mind. About a half an hour into class the door opens to reveal someone who I thought was impossible to see for a while.



            “Aiden!’ I scream as I run over to him and jump into his arms. I know what you’re probably thinking, “Why are you in his arms when first off he’s a guy and second off you have a girlfriend?” Well, he’s actually like a brother to Max and I, and we both haven’t seen him since he was 18 because he left without anyone knowing where he was.



            “Well, I guess you still haven’t grown out of this habit after eight years huh?”



            “Where have you been? Max and I have been worried about where you left to eight years ago.”



            “I don’t want to talk about it here. I’ll be waiting for you after school so we can talk. Oh, and also I found these two roaming around the hallways waiting for me.” He stepped aside to show none other than Charlotte and Poppy.



            “You two know Aiden?” This is the confusing part of it all, how had they known him?



            “It will all be explained at dinner tonight. Oh, I’m pretty sure Max and Cody are getting engaged pretty soon. So that means you may have to be my brother-in-law.”



            “Um, how do you know this?”



            “She just knows. Now let’s get on with the lesson that we missed most of.” The two of them went and sat down in their desks as Aiden told me he would be here after school, and left.



            This was a pretty eventful day so far.



            The day was flying by. Last period was just starting, and I was just organizing the lesson plans for tomorrow.



            I hadn’t noticed Charlotte was here until she sat on top of my desk right next to me.



            “So, how was your day?” Was the first thing that was said from me.



            “It was okay, in PE they made us run track and now my feet kill, but all is well.”



            “Well, do you want me to rub them for you?” I had a sneaky plan up my sleeve.



            “Sure.” After that she kicked off her shoes and slide in front of me on my desk. I started to rub them as I stole glances at her. I feel like we are an unreal couple. For starters, we’re not allowed to actually be together but we still are, then we don’t have to be all intimate I guess, when we’re around each other. Meaning, even though our time is limited with each other we don’t feel the need to kiss and all that when we’re together. We can just cuddle with each other and talk about our days instead of having those intense make out sessions that some people think they should do in these types of situations. It makes me happy that we are like that though. In my past relationships, it was basically intimate all the time. So, it’s nice that we aren’t going too fast






            “Huh?” Looking into Charlotte’s eyes, I get lost in them. Her brown eyes are like big innocent pools of chocolate. She’s just plain right beautiful.



            “Ashton, what are you thinking about? You keep zoning out.”



            “Oh sorry; I’m just thinking about how slow and beautiful our relationship is and you are,” with that she started to blush. As I raise my face up towards her I say, “You are so beautiful, and when you blush it makes you look so adorable.” Then I kiss her soft pink lips slowly and passionately, and that’s all I need.



            Soon after we pull apart Chase walks in, a little hesitant, and walks over to the front of my desk asking to talk to me alone. Charlotte tells me she’ll be back before the last bell rings, kiss’s me fairly quickly, and grabs her shoes as she heads out of the classroom door.



            “You and Charlotte huh? A student and their teacher. That is awesome and mysterious. I can’t believe I never thought of that. Though, what guy teacher would like a little faggot like me. I’m nothing. Like I said, I’m only a faggot who takes it up the ass and who is a disgrace to not only our community but also our world. A fag like me should just go and die. No one ever would care about me.” I was stunned with not only the outburst that turned into a rant but also what he had said.



            “Chase, what’s wrong? Who told you all of that?”



            “My parent’s kicked me out last night after they found me making out with someone behind the bleachers after the football game. They,” He took a breath as a tear fell down his cheek. “They called me a worthless faggot who should just go and die.”



            “Come here,” I engulfed him into a tight comforting hug, “Trust me, you are not worthless, and you shouldn’t die. You are supposed to be on this earth for a reason, and you know what they shouldn’t be blaming you for being gay. They should be blaming themselves for being straight and creating a gay child. Straight people make gay children, homosexuals can’t make children. Things will get better. Now, can I ask you something?” He nodded as I continued slowly, “Where did you stay last night?”



            “My car,” I did what my gut told me to do.



            “Why don’t you come and live with me. I live on the outskirt of town, and I really feel like you need a comforting home to live in right now.” All he did was nod.



            A couple minutes went by before another guy came in. Chase’s head turned slowly around with a grin forming on his face.



            “Hey babe, are you okay?” I’ve been trying to find you but then I ran into Charlotte in the halls and she told me you were in here.” Um…



            “Liam, can you hold me?” The guy that I just found out to be Liam walks over to us to engulf Chase in a tight hug.



            School ended shortly after with the whole "crew" coming in and having a loud conversation in my classroom, I just have to thank global warming that no one came in. I ended up going home only to grade papers to waste time before having to get readyn which literally takes 5 minutes.At 5:50 I left the shitty apartment to go drive to get Poppy and Charlotte only to find a limo parked outside with Max's head popping out of one of the windows and Aiden's out of the other.  



            "Man, this is sick!" I yell. I feel like a teenager again. 



            We drive off to Poppy's house where she said they'd be. Landon answers he door, saying he still needs to get ready so we have small talk until the girls come down. And lets just say that Charlotte was stunning as always! She never seems to disappoint me. 



            Aiden and I walked Poppy and Charlotte out to the limo we used to have everyone fit. Within seconds of them being in the limo, everyone was in a conversation. We had Max and Aiden talking about nonsense, then Poppy and Cody joking around like the siblings they are, Charlotte and Liam talking about some new Sci-Fi movie out, and then there was Chase and I talking about what stuff he had with him to move into my apartment. As I said that, everyone kind of stopped talking and they all heard.



            “Why is Chase moving in with you, doesn’t he have a family to go home to?” As Poppy said that Chase burst out into tears and fell into his boyfriend’s arms – which are Liam’s - and cried out pain filled tears.



            “He doesn’t have a home anymore, so he’s moving in with me,” Realization hit them all once I said those words. They all said their quiet sorry before continuing the conversarions they were in before. 


            I really don’t know why we ended up leaving so early then going to the restaurant. We had an hour till the reservation because I thought it was at 6, and no one told me different. Everyone was extremely bored until Poppy and Charlotte suggested a somewhat good idea: the mall.



            So we all were currently walking around the mall passing by time. It made it very interesting when I saw my ex-boyfriend walking over towards us.



            “Look who it is: the using ass,”



            “Yeah, I used you because your brother is way hotter than you. No one will ever want someone like you.” I’m getting ready to kill that son of a bitch.



            “I don’t think you should be talking. I for sure want him, and he’s fantastic in bed and in my heart. His body is amazing and extremely hot. Have you looked at yourself lately in a mirror? You don’t even look cute from what I can see on the outside,”  Charlotte is amazing like this. We haven’t slept together yet so I know she was making that up just to make him jealous I guess. She’s strong and I love her for that. However, I sometimes feel as if she’s not telling me something but I’m not going to pry at her to tell me if there is. She will tell me when she’s ready if there was ever something.



            He simply left after my beautiful girlfriend’s statement. I end up pulling her to the back of a nearby store and placing a passionate kiss on her lips. When we pull away I quickly check the time before pecking her lips once again and then pulling her back out to Max, Cody, Aiden and Poppy.



            “We should go. It’s 15 to.” With that we walked back out to the car we came in and started the very short drive back to the restaurant once again.



            As we pull up into the parking lot I notice my parents waiting outside of the building with the Moore’s. We all pile out of the car and to the front to meet up with them all.  Max, Aiden and I embrace our parents as Cody and Poppy to the same. Even though Aiden isn’t related to my family, he’s still like a brother and son to the people in my family. One thing I don’t get is why Charlotte is still her but I’m not going to complain, she’s my girlfriend and I love her presence being close to me.



            All of us were escorted to a table and handed menus. It was currently me, Charlotte, Poppy, Aiden, Mr. and Mrs. Moore, Cody, Max, and my parents. We were seated at a table which could hold 12 people which I didn’t get because there was only 10 of us and we could have just sat at a table that was for 10 instead of 12.



            Soon our ordered beverages came and we were left alone to decide on what to have. I was still a little confused on how Poppy and Charlotte know Aiden and knew he was coming. Now would be a good time to ask that.



            “How do you guys all know Aiden; I feel like I’m out of the loop on this.” They all looked at me before Poppy was about to answer when the doors opened and a grin plastered her face.



            “Baby,” I heard Aiden say before he stood up and walked over to a guy that I knew too well from college.  It didn’t even faze me on what Aiden said until they shared a chaste kiss.
















            “Charlotte.” We all cracked up at Charlotte saying her own name and also at the ridiculous thing we just did.



            We ended up finishing dinner with two more people, laughing and joking around with.



            Once dinner was done, we all said our goodbyes to each other before Poppy, Charlotte, Max, Cody, and I piled into Max’s car once again to take one last journey together. Well, it’s not really a journey but if you count driving back to the school as a journey, then we did take a journey.



Before I let Charlotte leave I pulled her into a passionate kiss that eventually turned into us making out for a little while. We eventually pulled apart for air to see three people creepily grinning at us. Gosh, they should just join the circus and become creepy, high clowns. It would suit them well.



Eventually we all parted ways into the nice, cool, night.



Once Max, Cody and I arrived home we went straight to bed because us guys were too lazy to do any hard labor, well talking or interacting isn’t hard labor but I guess when you’re tired and exhausted from the day you had, it could come slightly close to it.



As I get comfortable, in my kind of soft bed, I look back at all the things I learned to day. First, I learned Aiden’s back. Second, Landon and Aiden are dating. Thirdly, Landon is Poppy and Cody’s brother. Fourthly, Lucas is Poppy’s boyfriend. And finally that I fall more in love with Charlotte each and every day. She’s so nice and sweet and most definitely beautiful.



I end up falling asleep dreaming about a day in the future…



I see Charlotte walking down the aisle towards the altar, as I stand waiting to join our hands in marriage. As she gets closer and closer to me, I start to grin and feel happy.






Then she is stood in front of me as we exchange our vows and the rings. I was told I could kiss my lovely bride, and I did. Very passionately just like every kiss we shared together, but this one was one that would start off our new life together.






Next thing I knew we were on a plane going somewhere to spend our honeymoon and the first couple of days in our new life together.





Something good always comes out of the life you live and I think I may have found what my something is.


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