The English Teacher

Two different people from two different worlds. Sounds cliche, right? But it's true.

First there's Charlotte Dent. The normal kid in school who get's pretty good grades. She's a senior this year but hasn't exactly been in a "real" relationship.

And then there's Ashton Keiler. He was a player in high school which makes sense due to his good looks and hilarious personality. He ended up being an English teacher at Oak Grove High School.

When their paths meet, sparks fly. But can they keep the relationship a secret long enough for Charlotte to graduate?


10. Ashton

“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”


-William Shakespeare






              By the time Tuesday morning came along, I was already completely knackered. People say time flies by when you are doing something you love but that is a complete lie. Doing something I love makes me tired 24/7, and I’ve only been teaching for a week and two days. I’m not looking forward to the rest of this year.



            One thing I thought the students would have gotten over by now would be my age. But no, half of them just had to be horny teenagers who wanted nothing but to have me get in bed with them for a night. However, that isn’t how I work anymore. That’s right; I used to be like that. Others don’t really suspect me as the guy who sleeps around and stuff but it was how I handled things when times got tough.



            No one probably would know this without me telling people this, but I was the man-whore in high school. The only times I wasn’t classified as that was when I had a girlfriend, or when I had a boyfriend once. That didn’t turn out well because he was just acting the whole time so he could get to my brother. Yeah, he never got another chance with either of us brothers. The Keiler brothers stick together, and everyone knows that.



            I really leaned towards guys so it was easy not to get so emotionally attached and not want to be with another guy again. However that never happened, I stuck with girls and I’m happy I did.



            Tuesday mornings actually suck more than Mondays do. Monday’s a day you’re all drowsy and you don’t want to get up, but Tuesdays are the day that you just don’t want to put up with school anymore because Tuesdays are right after Mondays.



            Anyway, I woke up and did my morning routine, and left to go to school. Five minutes till I was going to be entering the school premises, I remembered I didn’t bring my coffee. That’s when I knew I had to get my coffee somehow, and what a coincidence that I’m driving by a Caribou Coffee.



            It was like heaven on earth when I entered Caribou. It was even more heavenly when I saw the two people I grew up with; my Parents.



            For me, I tap on their shoulders and make up a lame excuse,



            “I think you dropped some change on the floor.”



            “Oh, I don’t thi- Ashton.” I’m such a good son.



            “Hey, mom, dad.” This is kind of weird because the last time I saw my mother was with Charlotte, and she introduced herself as my girlfriend before I even asked her about it.



            “I heard from your mother that you have a new girlfriend, and she’s quite lovely as your mother put it.”



            “Yeah, I do. In fact I’m just going to see her now.” As if on cue the door opens with the bell chiming with none other than Charlotte and Poppy. This is actually a coincidence, I didn’t think this kind of thing actually happened.



            “That’s his girlfriend over there.” My mom “whispered” in my dad’s ear well pointing to Charlotte.



            Before anything embarrassing could happen, I walked towards the two by the door,



            “Well if it isn’t Charlotte Dent, and this Poppy chick.” That earned a slap from Poppy and a laugh from Charlotte that was soon badly covered up by a cough when Poppy shot her a death glare.



            “Well if it isn’t Ashton Keiler, and his really bad jokes.” Now was the time when I pulled Charlotte in for a quick peck on the lips, and a squeal from Poppy. What’s up with her and her squeals? They are not screams, they are squeals.



            “What was that? We’re in public, anyone could have seen,” Charlotte was whispering in my ear.



            “My parents are right over there so I had to show them that you were my girlfriend. Also it was fast, no one would have suspected us kissing because we had Poppy and the wall blocking the sides of our faces.”



            “Can we stop whispering over there? You aren’t doing a very good job,” Poppy spoke up.



            Charlotte and I blushed slightly while I turned slowly towards the door,



            “I have to get going, I’ll see you two later.” I winked at Charlotte, then turned and walked out the door to my car so I can go to the place where I will have sluts throwing themselves at me.



Second period was finally coming to an end when Chase, one of my students, came up to me.



            “Can I stay after class to ask you a question?”



            “Yeah, I’m here.”



            When the bell finally rang, it was just Chase and I left in the classroom.



            “What’s up, Chase?”



            “Can I ask you something personal? It’s just you’re not that much older than me, and I thought I could talk to you about something that I’m wondering about that I can’t really talk to anyone in my family about,” Now I was a little nervous.



            “You can tell me anything, I’ll help you through it.”



            He took a deep breath, “Word got around that you have a homosexual brother, and I thought that I could come to you on this. You see, my family is very single minded and absolutely hate homosexuals with a burning passion. They say homophobic things all the time and I hate it because I’m gay,” Tears started welling at his eyes, “No one knows that I’m gay, and I feel alone. I spend most of my nights hearing that everyone who takes it up the ass or even the fact that people can’t have sex properly is disgusting. Most nights I cry myself to sleep because of all of this. I feel like I’m trapped in a life that’s not mine.”



            “When my brother came out it was a similar experience he had except it was the people who he thought were his friends. My parents would never hate people who liked the same gender so he knew it would be all right. But he was manly scared of how his friends would react, and almost all of them reacted the way he thought they would. Homophobic dumbasses. He ended up doing things that he isn’t proud of now. Max ended up having to take on community service and write to soldiers who were fighting at the time in Afghanistan. He didn’t want to at first but then he found his soul mate that he’s still with to this day. That all started about four years ago, and I’m just trying to get to the point that no matter how crappy your life may be, when you find your soul mate nothing else matters because you want nothing else but to share your life with them.” I think I was just saying the advice I needed to give myself.



            “Thank you. If you don’t mind can I ask you about one more thing?”



            “Yeah I’m all ears, if you need anything you can come to me. I’m here.” He’s a very strong young man.



            “Okay. I kind of have a crush on the football captain.” That may or may not be a problem.



            “Question, is he straight?” He nods slowly which means he doesn’t know for sure.



            “All I’m going to say is don’t stop trying to get him, Be silent yet fierce, Stay silent about this crush until you are ready for him, and he wants you. It does get better, and the smallest things will surprise you,”



            With that he left right as the bell went off.



            Throughout 4th period Charlotte and I were stealing glances at each other. We are fools in love, and no one can tell us any different.



            I was informed earlier today we were going to be putting on the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ through the drama department. They wanted some students from the classes I have because we are studying Shakespeare, and Romeo and Juliet was one of his most famous pieces of work.



            “Before you guys all leave, I want to tell you that this year they are putting on the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ through the drama department and they want some people outside to sign up for it. So I have a signup sheet on my desk if any of you are willing to try out,” I was hoping some students would actually sign up, but only time will tell.



            Once the bell rang, a few people came up and signed up and left to their 5th hour. I was all alone in the empty classroom so I went to look at the sheet to entertain myself.



            There were only 7 people who signed up throughout three hours. Scanning the list I came across three names that I was glad to see on the list.



            Chase Carter,



Poppy Moore,



                Charlotte Dent.



            You learn new things every day.



            At lunch Charlotte came in quickly telling me how she had to go home because of some family emergency she would tell me later. After a kiss and a hug goodbye, she left telling me she would text me later.



            Once the final bell rang I was out of that school and heading home. As I stepped through the door I once again heard laughing, but this time it was a girl’s voice I heard.



            As I got closer to the living room, I saw Poppy, Cody, and Max laughing. How in the world do these people get to my house before me?



            “Why is it that I always end up coming into my house to hear people laughing? Is there a sign on the door that says, ‘Come on in the keys in the plant pot and you can just make yourself at home even though I’m not even in the building’?” They all turned to me as they started to laugh again. What is up with them and all the laughing?



            “I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t have said where the extra key is hidden because now she and Charlotte and break in anytime they want,” After I flipped Max off, I walked into my room so I could get changed and grade some papers that I would rather not waste my time on. But that’s the joy of being an English teacher. All you do is re-read papers over and over again about the same concept; it’s extremely boring.



            Once I finally sat down to grade the papers I had to, my phone buzzed signaling I had a text.



 From: Charlotte


             This is probably pathetic since we have only been dating for a couple days but I miss you. I’m extremely bored right now



To: Charlotte


 Truth is I miss you too. It bummed me out that you had to leave early; I didn’t get to see you during free period. Now let me tell you, I have to grade papers that I really don’t want to grade. So I think I’m a little more bored than you



From: Charlotte


 Are we going to try to compare how bored we are?



To: Charlotte


                Let’s not. Oh by the way Poppy is at my apartment. It’s kind of weird because it’s just Cody, Max, Poppy, and me. I wish you were here right now.



“Are you talking to your little girlfriend?” Max just has to be here to embarrass me. I truly love my brother to death, well more like I love him enough to put him to death.



“Shut it Max, just because you are older doesn’t mean you can tease me.”



“Oh really, I can’t?”



“No you can’t,” just as I say that another text comes in from Charlotte and Max just had to grab it and read it aloud,



’Trust me, you’ll get over it. Cody and Max are too in love to care, and Poppy is just too happy that her brother’s home to even think of bothering you. It may be extremely awkward and weird but you have me to talk to through a stupid phone.’ Awww, she loves you,”



“Shut it Max, I have to get back to my work so you can go have silent sex with Cody. Also, you should socialize with Poppy,” With that said he flipped me off and left. What’s with us and flipping each other off?



The rest of the night was quiet for me except for the occasional interruptions by Max. Right now I was alone, laying in bed waiting for sleep to take over my body and mind.



I was about to fall asleep when I heard a loud crash coming from outside my door. For sure I grab a baseball bat and slowly make my way into the hallway to the kitchen. When I enter the kitchen I find little Maxie with his legs around Cody’s waist pushed up against the cabinets in a steamy make out session.



“You mean to tell me I got scared because I heard a loud crash coming from here, only to find you two making out. Whatever, I’m going to bed. I’ll see you tomorrow and please don’t make too much noise,” With that I was out of there and in my bed with sleep slowly taking over my body once again.



Another day is just around the corner. Yay…



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