The English Teacher

Two different people from two different worlds. Sounds cliche, right? But it's true.

First there's Charlotte Dent. The normal kid in school who get's pretty good grades. She's a senior this year but hasn't exactly been in a "real" relationship.

And then there's Ashton Keiler. He was a player in high school which makes sense due to his good looks and hilarious personality. He ended up being an English teacher at Oak Grove High School.

When their paths meet, sparks fly. But can they keep the relationship a secret long enough for Charlotte to graduate?


8. Ashton

“Romance is tempestuous. Love is calm.”


-Mason Cooley         








Sunday had rolled around quicker than expected. This was the first weekend in a long time that I was able to spend with Max.



                Though, this weekend was different. I ended up telling Max and Cody everything about Charlotte, and also how I was head over heels in love with her. While I was talking about Charlotte I sensed Cody wasn’t telling me something, and it kind of bugged me.



But I was finally in bed after a long day of sitting around watching movies and such. All my thoughts flushed out of my mind as I started dosing off. The last thought I had was of something that became secured in my mind.



Charlotte and the kiss.







            I wasn’t going to lie but I did not want to go to work today. Work basically ruined my weekend when I realized I had to get up and go still. But it was a place that I got to see the one person who made me happy no matter what.



            It was currently 3rd period, and I was sitting at my desk trying to grade papers. Key word, trying.



            I had today all planed out. In the morning I would teach, then at lunch I would go and meet Cody and Max to eat, then make it back and teach again, and then go home and do whatever I felt like. I love my life.



            Five minutes and 4th period would start. Charlotte is like my drug. When I’m not around her I’m unsatisfied and can’t get her out of my mind, but when I am around her I feel whole and happy for the time being.



            In my opinion the bell rang too soon because everyone started to flutter in and scurry over to their desks. All I was doing was stealing glances at Charlotte.



            With 15 minutes left, the door opened to reveal Max walking in dragging along a happy Cody.



            “What are you two doing here?” Before I was given an answer I heard a scream from the middle of the classroom.



            “Cody!” Poppy was one of the loudest screamers I’ve heard. She ran up to Cody giving him a hug and he hugged back. I was most definitely confused.



            “When did you get back? I thought you weren’t coming back for like a month.”



            “That’s what you thought. I was actually shipped home a week ago, and Max and I have been staying with Ash- I mean Mr. Keiler for a couple days.” What was going on?



            “Oh my god, Cody. You’re back.” Charlotte was now coming into the conversation that I was still really confused about.



            “Char, I’m back and here to stay.”



            “Wait, you aren’t going to be deported again? Does that mean your last tour is over?” Now this all made sense. He was in the army, and I’m assuming Poppy knows him somehow. Maybe friends or something.



            “Max, did you forget to mention your boyfriend was in the army? Wait, was this the one who you always talked about and how he was making you fall harder every letter? He was the guy they made you write to for community service, wasn’t he.”



            “Yes it was, and thank you very much for telling your whole class that first I was doing community service and also that I was falling for the guy behind letters. You are the best brother ever Ash.” I would totally be sticking my tough out at him if I didn’t have a class of students watching us. All a sudden the bell rang making us all jump and have a slight heart attack. Everyone exited the room while Charlotte, Poppy, Cody, Max, and I started to talk.



            Oh crap. Now I know why I was sensing Cody wasn’t telling me something last night. He knew Charlotte, and now he knew about everything that I was feeling towards her and also everything we did. Wow, I’m embarrassed now.



            “Well Ash, now you know why I was feeling a little uncomfortable all the times you talked about a certain someone.” All I could do was nod; I felt my cheeks heating up from embarrassment. “You better not hurt her. Even though I’m practically family, I will still hurt you if you hurt her in any way. She’s like a sister to me, and I won’t have anyone hurts her.



            “Why are you talking about me?” Charlotte just had to be the smart one that she is didn’t she.



            “Oh nothing just my little brother may or may not have vented to us both about how dreamy you are.” F*ck you Max.




            “Well, I’m flattered. But nothing is to ever happen between the both of us because there’s a problem.”



            “He’s your teacher, and you’re his student.” They all said in unison. That’s kind of creepy if you think about it.



            Everything ended there. All conversation stopped and stared. Charlotte and I were lip locked somehow. But it felt just as perfect as the first kiss we both shared, and the second. This time I was the one to pull back first, and this time she didn’t run. I think we were making progress here. Not running away is the first step to get over when kissing someone for the first time, or kissing someone you aren’t supposed to. In this situation, it was the second one.



            We were both grinning like major fools at the moment. Then I realized Cody, Poppy, and Max were looking at us with grins on their faces as well. Poppy was the first to break the silence,



            “Please tell me that you guys are together now. What is that, like your third kiss? Please just get together now, I can’t take this anymore. You two are both head over heels for each other and its sick. Just save us all and get together.” Charlotte and I were both blushing.



            “Will you join Cody, Max and I for lunch? Poppy can come to if she would like.” This would be the lunch that could potentially change how we act around each other behind closed doors.



            “We would both love too, now we kind of have to get to gym. We’re already late, so could we both get a pass so we won’t be marked tardy?”  I walked over to my desk taking out a yellow slip of paper, filling it out, and then handed it over to them. As they left they both hugged Cody, and walked out of the classroom door before the bell rang warning you that you had a minute to get to class.



            Student franticly entered the classroom rushing to their seats so they wouldn’t be late.



            “Are you guys going to stay here till lunch? This is last period before lunch begins.” They just silently nodded as I led them over to my office and told them not to do anything too inappropriate. That would be an awkward thing to hear in a class full of students.



            5th period passed in a blur because soon enough it was lunch time already. Charlotte and Poppy met us by the front doors so we could all pile into Max’s pick-up truck, and be on our way to some small café close to the school.



            All was great until someone showed up that I didn’t want to see at the moment, my mother. I love her but it’s just I knew she would ask a billion questions, which she did, and that what leads us to this question I myself didn’t know how to answer.



            “Who’s this?” I didn’t know how to answer that. Who was Charlotte? As meaning my girlfriend, friend or student. However I didn’t have to answer it, but I was still in shock with the reason why.



            “I’m his girlfriend, nice to meet you.” I was completely stunned.


            “You better keep this one Ash, she’s a keeper.” Charlotte blushed slightly at her words. I grabbed her hand and gave it a squeeze under the table. Everyone at the table was in their own conversations with each other to actually know what was going on.



            After a couple minutes, my mom left to go home after she grabbed what she needed. I checked the time to see we only had about 15 minutes till the bell rang for sixth period rang,



            “We should probably get going, why don’t you three go and get the car and Charlotte and I will wait for the bill.” With that they left to get the car leaving behind Charlotte and me.



            “Did you really mean it when you said you were my girlfriend?” A blush rushed to her face as she remembered her earlier actions.




            “I guess, it’s not like you asked me though,” she sticks out her tongue, still blushing.




            “Will you be my girlfriend?”




            “Yes, but we are going to have to keep us a secret.” All I did was squeeze her hand and interlace our fingers together under the table as a waitress handed us our bill.



            Once I paid the bill we walked out of the café with huge grins on our faces walking a hand distance apart from each other.



            Even though we couldn’t show the world what we meant to each other, I knew we could still show one another what we meant to them. I’m not meaning sex, I’m meaning pure love. The feeling you get when you are given, a hug or a kiss by the person you love, the warmth that fills your body, when you two cuddle on the couch just appreciating each other’s company. That was all I wanted, and I think I finally had it.



            I think this year my Christmas wish will be made true. This year may just end differently than the past years have. I have someone who truly makes me happy even though I’ve only known them for a week.



            Next year may just so happen to be a happy new year for once.



            Life can change in a second, but that’s the thing about life. There are good and bad changes in life. We don’t always expect a good change, but when we get one, we are truly grateful.



            I got my change.

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