The English Teacher

Two different people from two different worlds. Sounds cliche, right? But it's true.

First there's Charlotte Dent. The normal kid in school who get's pretty good grades. She's a senior this year but hasn't exactly been in a "real" relationship.

And then there's Ashton Keiler. He was a player in high school which makes sense due to his good looks and hilarious personality. He ended up being an English teacher at Oak Grove High School.

When their paths meet, sparks fly. But can they keep the relationship a secret long enough for Charlotte to graduate?


4. Ashton

"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around."


--Leo F. Buscaglia



- - - - - - - - - -



            Waking up in the morning isn’t one of my best strengths. I’ve never been a morning person to begin with, so it was always hard for me to wake up early to start another day of school. Half the time I would fight to wake up but I learned to wake up otherwise my older brother Max would pour ice cold water on me. It was a lovely wake up call. Nevertheless, I learned to stop fighting and avoid ice cold water.



            So, I got my butt out of bed after warming up a bit. It kind of felt like I was still being drenched with ice cold water just not with my brother chuckling in the background and the dampness of the sheets. That’s the joy of crappy apartments I guess.



            It took a little while for it to finally dawn on me that I was starting my new job today. Teaching cocky, horny seniors will be fun, but it will feel like I’m teaching myself because I am probably the definition of cocky.  I mean, I’m a sex God sent from the great God’s themselves. Yeah, if that doesn’t define cocky then I don’t know what does besides myself anyways.



I end up putting on my skinny jeans and went out to my kitchen and start brewing a cup of coffee, I need enough energy to actually be able to get in my car. As it was brewing, I made my way back into my room to grab my shirt and blazer, and headed out towards the bathroom, which was across the hall from my bedroom.



            Entering the bathroom, I grab my toothbrush and toothpaste, and brush my teeth. Then I move to my hair, shaking my head to give it that messy effect and then run my hand through it a few times to make it look extremely sexy. I pull my shirt on and add my blazer as I put on my cologne which smells like pine trees. It’s my favorite.



            Finishing up with my “morning” routine, I go back into the kitchen pour a cup of coffee, slip my shoes on, and grab my car keys while heading out of my apartment heading down the stairs. While I’m heading out the front doors of the apartment complex I check my phone for the time which was 8:02. That gave me enough time to get to school before I was late.



            As I hopped into my car I was starting to wake up a little but it would take me a while to do so. I drove down the many roads that led to Oak Grove High School still feeling very drowsy. All I needed was a boost of energy, and then I would be fine.



            But, coffee wasn’t working so that only meant one thing. Shots.



            Something that would wake me up instantly, something that I desperately needed at the moment. For sure, I was not going to go to a bar and slam some shots, you would be silly to think that. There is such a thing as a song called Shots, and that is what wakes me up and gets me moving. It’s an energizer.



            Me being me had Shots burned onto a CD knowing that was going to forever and always be my go to wake up song.  I was definitely not going to burn ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’ onto a CD. Quite frankly, I’m not happy and I do know that.



            So, here I am fist pumping to Shots because you can’t really do that many things in a car. It’s not like I’m going to start doing hip thrusts in my seat. That would be extremely difficult, and not to mention awkward. However, I’m still doing those really weird messed up moves that you see people doing with their arms when either they don’t know how to dance, or they’re too drunk to even know what they are doing. So to sum it up, I look like a crazy drunk person who doesn’t know how to dance.



            “Shot, Shot, Shot, Shot, Shot, Shot, Shot, Shot, Shot, Shot, Shot, Everybody” This is my jam. Oh yeah, I’m feeling the burn. No, literally I’m feeling the burn; my arms are killing me from all the arm action. As I stop all of my arm work, I turn my head to look out the window to see a very attractive girl looking at me as I’m looking at her.



            However, the light changed too quickly for my liking. I was off down the road thinking about the girl who looked really cute, and most importantly if she saw me dancing, if she did, I would be embarrassed to the 50th century if I were to see her again, and it turned out she did see me dancing.   



            It wasn’t that long until I finally pulled up into the parking lot of the school to find many cars here. I was kind of expecting that because school was due to start in about 15-20 minutes and I knew from when I was in school, that some students liked to come earlier to work on things, or go to the library and hang out with friends to read.



            Exiting my car, I took a long look at the school. It wasn’t anything special, just a big brick building with a sign that reads ‘OAK GROVE HIGH SCHOOL’ in big bold letters. It looked like any other high school; they were almost all the same.



            I entered the building slowly heading towards my classroom to get ready for the day.



            The first thing I did was look up at the clock. It was already 8:35, so I had only about 10 minutes to look through what my classes were doing. I thankfully only had five classes to teach and then a free period after my 6th hour, so that meant I taught 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th period, and then free period comes.



                    What I had to do in each class was the same and fairly simple. They were all writing something about Romeo and Juliet at this point. It was pretty simple, and I knew a lot about Shakespeare because I’ve read almost every single one of his works. I love William Shakespeare, and I’m not afraid to admit that.



                    Once I hear the bell ring I walk over to the white board, and pick up a marker and write ‘Mr. Keiler’ on it. I turn around and see student’s filling into their seats; this shall be a fun day.




- - - - - - - - - -




                    My first two periods had gone by swiftly, and I was extremely happy to know that now I’m the one that helps them with their work. My short 3rd period break was coming to an end as I prepared for my 4th hour class.



                    The bell finally rung, and just like the first two lessons I had taught, they all entered and took their seats.



                    I started with the introduction I’ve been giving all morning. “Hello, My names Mr. Keiler, and I’m your new English Teacher.” I heard a couple kids smirk in the back, and then a couple girls squeal from the side of the room. This was my most eventful class. One of the girls from the squalling fest table raised their hand and I motioned them to continue with what their question was.



                    “How old are you?” Surprisingly that was a question that I was not so excited to answer, but I had to answer it, just for the girls and maybe a few guys. 




                    “I’m 23.” I heard some gasps from around the classroom as I took a look around it. My eyes stopped when I crossed over the girl I saw this morning.



                    She looked up at me and starred straight at me. We were both quite flustered from embarrassment as we looked away from each other. This was going to be very interesting was the last thing I thought before I walked to my desk and told the class to start working.



                    While they were working, I ended up looking through the attendance to find out what her name was. It turned out to be Charlotte Dent, which essentially fit her quite nicely.



                    Before the bell rang I called over towards Charlotte, “Charlotte, may I please see you after class?” All she does is nod her head and look over to her friend that was sitting next to her.



                    I could faintly hear their conversation.


                    “What the heck was that, you and him both started to blush at each other. What’s up with that?”


                    “It’s nothing, Poppy, now let’s start packing up. I have to stay behind so I will meet you in class, okay?” At that point I turn to sit down in my desk as the bell rings, and everyone leaves except Charlotte.



                    “I saw you this morning.” Were her first words, she really knows how to start up an interesting conversation.



                    “That was actually what I wanted to talk to you about,” She just nodded slightly, “How long were you looking at me for?”



                    She hesitated a little before answering, “I don’t know, why?”



                    “Let’s put it this way, did you see me dancing like a drunken monkey?” It was truthfully how I was probably dancing to the human eye.



                    “Um, what would happen if I did?” She saw me, crap. My student saw me dancing. How embarrassing. “I did, but I’m not going to say how sexy you looked while dancing.” She quickly covered her mouth when she caught on to what she said.



                    “You promise you won’t tell anyone how I was dancing.” I was trying to keep a stern look, but she looked to damn adorable to keep myself stern.



                    “I promise, now may I go?” She questioned me with a slight blush forming on her cheeks.



                    “Oh yeah, I’ll write you a pass so you won’t be late.” As I wrote her the pass, I couldn’t stop thinking about how she had called me sexy. Once I handed her the pass, she started to walk towards the closed door, and before she left I said, “I think you are incredibly cute when you blush.” In addition, she left blushing even harder.



                    I think I was developing feelings for her. However, I can’t be so sure; there was just something that drew me closer to her. I had a feeling that I wanted to know her more.



                    All I have to say is that something seems wrong with her. As if she looks like she’s scared on the inside, I could see something flicker in her eyes that showed fear.



                    One thing I knew for sure was I couldn’t get that blonde out of my head, and it was driving me crazy. Teachers aren’t supposed to fall for their students. On the other hand, rules are meant to be broken sometimes.

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