Tales Of A Teenage Nothing

"Clare,Meet Harry."I looked up and smiled. He was nice boy. And his green eyes sparkled. "Hi I'm Harry, Hazza for short."He said putting out his hand. I shook it. "What a firm grasp."He smiled cheekily. I made a funny look but just shook it off. "Would you like a hand to English?"He asked. I nodded and he took my books and walked me to English.
Clare Tylers had a bad past. She had gotten into the wrong things, the wrong friends and the wrong boyfriend. She was beaten assaulted and always cried every night until she decided to grow up and she moved away. She made new friends and was finally happy. But will those dark depressing memories come to find her? On her road to recovery she met a nice boy named Harry. Dark Brown curls and deep emerald green eyes. He was a weird yet lovable boy to be around. Always found a way to make Clare smile. But one day that all goes away and what comes out to be something much more stronger than that. This is a Teenage Nothing.


2. London

I smelt the air as I stepped out. I smiled to myself. Ah, London. I'm happy to be here again and not where it was bad. I looked around for any sign of Chase. He wasn't here yet. So I decided to walk around and see what was here that I would be into. I needed to restart fresh. Clean. First things first. I needed to find a job. Everyone seemed to stare at me and it made me feel uncomfortable. Damn you Skylar. I hate him so much for doing this to me. Giving me this pain that slowly healed on my face. I walked into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. The cut was deep, red and swollen. I moved my hair around so it covered my face. I couldn't have people staring at me. It didn't feel right. I walked back out and walked to the baggage claim to get my suitcase. I waited for a while before my blue bag showed. I grabbed it and walked away. I found my tall, brown eyed, black hair brother Chase waiting for me by the entrance. I smiled and waved at him. He waved back and I walked faster to him. I missed my brother so much. I caught up to him and gave him a hug. "Hey Clare!"He smiled. "Hey Chase!"I smiled back. "I've missed you so much! Look how tall you grew! I also love the way your hair covers your face like that."He said. My smile sorta faded. How was I going to tell him about this? I decided to tell him later. "Why don't we get home so I can unpack?"I asked. Chase nodded and we got into his car. I sighed in relief as I passed the airport and entered on to the highway. I'm so glad I left Skylar back at that horrible place. Especially if he had seen my scar. I shook that idea out of my head and watched out the window. We entered the city of London and we passed so many beautiful landscapes along with the Big Ben. Chase soon pulled up at his apartment complex and I got out running into the apartment. I opened the front door and looked around. Chase really made himself well. The couch and love seat were black leather and the t.v was pretty huge. "So what do you think of the house?"Chase asked. I turned around and smiled at him. "I love it Chase. You really must of made a fortune to afford all of this."I said. "Well I am a pretty wealthy business man."He said. "Come on I'll show you your room."He said carrying my luggage up the stairs, me following right behind him. He opened up a door and put all of my things down. This room was huge. "Oh my god Chase this room is huge!"I gasped. "Good. I'm going to go make some dinner. Why don't you take some money and go walk around and maybe buy a few things."He said handing me at least 100 pounds. I smiled at the money and went downstairs and out the door. I walked out down the stairs and out the complex door. It was nice a humid out. The streets were loaded with people though. I sighed and walked down the street of overcrowded people. I couldn't even see my feet at all as I passed through everyone until I collapsed into someone and fell to the ground. "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!"I looked up to see a boy with dark hair in a quiff with a blonde streak running through. His warm brown eyes meeted with mine and I he held out a hand for me. I took it and he pulled me up. "Sorry doll I wasn't seeing where I was going."He smiled. "It's alright."I assured him. "My name's Zayn by the way."He said. "Clare."I said back. "Say, I haven't seen you around here before, did you just move in?"He asked. I nodded. "It's nice to meet you then. I'll see you around?"He asked. I smiled and nodded. He waved goodbye and walked away. I smiled and waved back and continued to walk. OK this was good so far. I made one friend and his name was Zayn. I continued walking until I came across a bakery that held a sign that said "Now Hiring". I do need a job. I walked in and walked over to the counter. "May I help you?"A lady maybe in her late 30's asked. "I couldn't help but notice your hiring? I just moved here and I'm looking for a job."I smiled. "Ah yes! Here you go love."She smiled handing me some papers and a pen. I thanked her and sat down at a small table and filled out the paper. I filled out my name and other things. I filled it out and handed it over to her. "Thank you dear! Just stay here for a moment."She smiled and went into the back. I didn't mind standing there waiting. She came back out smiling. "You're hired."She said. Wow already? "Yay! Thank you so much!"I smiled. "When do you start school?"She asked. "Tomorrow."I said. "Alright you start this Saturday babe!"She said. "OK thank you."I smiled then I walked out. Alright I'm settling in here in London. Starting over. Meeting new people. Tomorrow I start senior year of high school. New me. New life. But this ruin in my face will hold me back,

A/N: Hmmmmm.. who works at that bakery? ;) 




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