Tales Of A Teenage Nothing

"Clare,Meet Harry."I looked up and smiled. He was nice boy. And his green eyes sparkled. "Hi I'm Harry, Hazza for short."He said putting out his hand. I shook it. "What a firm grasp."He smiled cheekily. I made a funny look but just shook it off. "Would you like a hand to English?"He asked. I nodded and he took my books and walked me to English.
Clare Tylers had a bad past. She had gotten into the wrong things, the wrong friends and the wrong boyfriend. She was beaten assaulted and always cried every night until she decided to grow up and she moved away. She made new friends and was finally happy. But will those dark depressing memories come to find her? On her road to recovery she met a nice boy named Harry. Dark Brown curls and deep emerald green eyes. He was a weird yet lovable boy to be around. Always found a way to make Clare smile. But one day that all goes away and what comes out to be something much more stronger than that. This is a Teenage Nothing.


1. Backlashes

"Clare did you bring it?"Ashley asked. I nodded and handed her the bag. "Good. Are the needles in here?"She asked. I nodded. "Everything should be in there."I said. She gave me my money and walked away. I was doing great in this. I always made good money selling to people but what was it all for? I owed him. Skylar. My boyfriend. Every night if I didn't have his money, he'd beat me. So I'm determined to give him his dues. It was getting late. He'll start wondering where I am. I walked down the street to the club where we always met. I walked in and started looking around. I found him sitting at the bar drinking a mug of beer and I made my way over. "Hey."I smiled. He turned and spotted the money in my hand. I handed it over to him and he took it. "10, 20, 30, 40,50, 60, 70. Good job babe. You actually got the amount of what I asked."He said. Thank god. I can't get another beating. "Although one flaw."He said. My smile faded. "You owed 70 last week you dumb bitch."He spat. He took his mug and smashed it on the table. I started to back away. He picked up the big piece of glass and threw it at me. It cut down my face and I screamed in agonizing pain. "Get out!"He growled. I nodded and ran out crying. I ran home holding my face in my hands. My blood was seeping through in between my fingers. I made my way home and busted open the door. I ran into the bathroom and removed my hand. My face was wrecked. I quickly looked for alcohol wipes in my cabinet. I spotted them and pulled them out. I quickly cleaned up all the blood and I wrapped bandages along my face. I couldn't take the hurtfulness I received. Skylar should of been happy that I was paying him at all. I needed to leave this place. I wasn't happy here nor was I even safe. I needed to move far away preferably out of the damn country. Maybe I could move in with my brother Chase. He had a business job in London. I picked up the phone and texted him telling him everything. He bought me a plane ticket and I started packing everything up that I needed. I printed out the plane ticket and and grabbed my passport. I'm done with this place. I grabbed my coat and suitcase and walked out of the door. I jumped into a cab and the man drove me to the airport. I miss England. I lived in Ireland but I was originally from England. So I had a British accent and I would fit right in. I missed it there. I paid the man and got out, quickly making my way into the airport. I checked passed security and passed luggage and quickly boarded the plane. 

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