Summertime Sadness

Summertime Sadness

is about a girl named Daisy , who is a very sweet and caring person , who has moved to london from california to go to University (which has been her dream) and finally when she first went in she was only 17 and when she turned 18 they instantly bumped her up to junior level , now its April ( we’re the story first takes place ) and shes in her mid - junior yr .

Her and harry meet when him and the boys have a 2 week break from the USA tour and harry goes back to london with zayn . While they are in london they go to this spray-painting shop because zayn wanted some new colors to…well spray-paint . While they are there , harry see’s daisy..he chats her up blah blah blah they fall in love , BUT … something in daisy’s past makes her afraid to love and turns down harry multiple times but , they do end up together but like i said something else happens that put their relationship at risk , and no its NOT the hate .


1. Prologue - Meet the characters

Daisy J. 

nickname - DJ , Dez , D.

age - 18

birthdate - dec 16 1994

birthplace - california

occup - spray-painter , uni-student , soccer player ( for university team.)

appearance -


Everyone else ( harry , zayn , liam , niall , louis , eleanor , perrie , sophia , fans , management , ect)

as themselves


i dont have any pictures of sophia sooooooooooo you get it , hope you enjoy !

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