One Direction dood.

None Saturday-Sunday and maybe Friday.


7. v.v



I open the door and see Liam and Jacey kissing. You know what? 2 can play it that game.



I walk out of Harry's bedroom. And in to the living room. What do I see going on on the couch? Things that I should not see between Val and Harry. "Get a room!" I yell. "We were waiting for you to finish." Harry retorted. "I'm finished." I say. Tay and Louis walk out of their room and Tay's hair looks like she just woke up. "Have fun in there?" I ask sarcastically. "Shut up." Tay says blankly. "Louis you look like you've been attacked. What happened in there?" I ask Louis. "What happens in that bedroom stays in the bedroom." Louis says. Tay giggles. Ew.



"Was it too early?" I ask Jacey. "YES! You've known him for like 3 weeks. THAT'S ALL! And you wanted to get some and you got some." Jacey says. "We didn't go that far. But we went farther than what you said you and Liam did." I say. "We're only 18. We're not even married. We really don't need to screw yet." Jacey says. Harry and Val stumble in laughing. "What's so funny?" Jacey asks. "Nothing. I just told him some stories about you." Val replies. They start to laugh. "Well I'm glad you think I'm so funny." Jacey says with a smile. They stop laughing. "Are yall making breakfast?" Jacey adds. "Yeah, I will." Harry says. "No I will." Val says. "No I will." Harry replies. Harry pulls Val in and kisses her on the mouth for like 10 seconds, then they start to make-out. "Really? You really have to do that in front of me?" Jacey asks. Val comes up for air and says, "Jealous much?" "Girl. I will run you over with a bus." Jacey shoots. "I'll be waiting in the middle of the street." Val retorts. "Well isn't that where you get picked up every night?" Jacey retorts. "Oooooo. Jacey just called you a prostitute." I coo. Val leaps at Jacey and me and Harry pull them apart as they try to rip each-others faces off. Val and Harry leave the kitchen. "You look like shit. You and Harry only broke up a couple days ago and you haven't put on any make-up. brushed your teeth or your hair, you haven't taken a shower and I'm pretty sure you've worn that shirt 3 days in a row now." I say. "What do you expect? And I brushed my teeth this morning, thank you very much." "Well, we're going out tonight so get ready." I say and we leave the kitchen.

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