One Direction dood.

None Saturday-Sunday and maybe Friday.


3. The Movie



"9 tickets to Warm Bodies." Louis says. "Hold up. You don't even know our name." I say. "Fine. Who are you?" Louis asks. "I'm Jacey. " I say. "I'm Kat." "I'm-" "I know who you are silly love." Louis says, tickling her chin. I swat his hand away and say, "Y'ALL JUST MET! Next think y'all are gonna do is play footsies in the back of the movie theater." I say. "I'm Val." Val says. "Are y'all coming or not?" Louis asks. I look at Harry and he looks at me with those eyes and I can't say no. Louis pays for the tickets and food and we get to the movie theater. No seats are taken. "What dafuq? Why aren't any seats taken?" Val says. "I reserved a movie room." Louis says. We all looked confused so he ellaborated, "I texted the movie company to reserve a movie room for us. You can do that in the UK." He explains. "Ok. Pick seats." Liam says.




Niall and I sat up front and close eating nachos, popcorn, sprite, pepsi, water, sour patch and skittles. The commercials were on and we were already through the popcorn. I lean my head on his shoulder and he leans his head on my head. Life is good...




It's so awko because I like Harry, not Zayn but Zayn totally likes me! I mean, we were kissing in Aero because I tripped over Liam's shoe and he catched me with his lips and he wouldn't let me go! He wasn't a bad kisser but Harrryyy!!! I turn to look back and Jacey and Harry are holding hands! I look down 2 rows and Louis is painting on Tay's face. Her face is the canvas and his tongue is the brush! LOL! Zayn leans in for a kiss and I swerve out of the seat and tell him I have to go to the restroom. Jacey and Val rise from their seat once they see me and I head for the bathroom. "What's up?" Val asks. "I don't like Zayn." I say. "Omg Kat! I was about to say get a room when we were in Aero! I thought you liked him!" Jacey says with a smile on her face. "Well I don't! I like Harry, this is hard for me, ya know? Watching you and Harry. Knowing I'll never be you." I say. "Kat, I'm sorry. I didn't know." Jacey says. "We're close friends and I don't want to ruin that over a boy I just met." Val wipes the tears away from my face and looks me and my eye and says, "Kat-" Tayden runs in saying, "KAT! Are you ok? I looked back and y'all were all gone!" "I'm fine. Just got salt in my eye." Kat says. "LOL, how-" Tay starts. "Let's go back." Jacey says.




When I sit down, Harry reaches for my hand but I move it. "What's wrong, love?" He asks. "Nothing, I just don't know you." I say. Harry's face turns and there's a hurt look on his face. I feel bad so I say, "But, I will know you." I reach for his hand and we hold eachothers hand for awhile. Kat looks back at us and when she sees our hands, she turns around, dissapointed.




He's going too fast! He's trying to make-out and I just don't want to! I only met him 2 hours ago!




She's going way to fast. I just want a peck on the lips but nooo she has to go all gorilla on me. I let her but I can't say that I like it.




Don't get me wrong, she's a sweet girl but we're just friends. She keeps on looking back at Harry and I'm just like, ok?? I'm confused, Val is sending me mixed signals so I've decided to just be friends. Val leans over for a kiss on the mouth and I just move my neck backwards. She opens her eyes and says, "What's wrong?" "I just want to be friends." She slumps back in her chair, embarrassed but I can tell she wants Harry and I can tell she wants me to feel bad so I just go up to the very top and sit with Liam.















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