One Direction dood.

None Saturday-Sunday and maybe Friday.


1. Our Beginning

One day me and my friends were hanging out in England because our stupid freaking school had us go on a feild trip.




Tay, Val, Kat and I were walking in Metro Centre (mall) on our day off from learning. I kept on seeing cute british boys but one caught my eye. He had a visible blonde wig , sunglasses and an odd looking fake beard.

"Who is that?" I ask my friends. "EWWW! Are you seriously interested?" Val asked. "SERIOUSLY!" I said. "Everything attached to him looks fake! Maybe there's a knight in shining armor underneath that hobo." Tay hinted. "Maybe," I say. "C'mon guys." Kat says. They all leave and I don't even notice. "JACEY! STOP DROOLING!" Kat yells. I walk away and when I look back at him. I feel like he is staring at me because his face is faced in the same direction as mine and when our eyes meet he turns away.




I don't know what the hell is wrong with Jacey but she googly eyed over some freak. I don't even know... We walk in to American Eagle I see this boy leaning on this table with scarves on it and talking to a boy I recognize. He is wearing sunglasses and a hat. I immediatly know who it is but I keep quiet because no one seems to notice. He leans his head past his friend and looks at me, as doing so.. he tilts his sunglasses to the tip of his nose and his big blue eyes scan my body and then he pulls his sunglasses up and walks out with his friend. I want to follow him but I'm sure I'll see him later.




OMG! I saw him and I loved him! I saw Tayden looking at the other boy, she must've known too. Viall? Nal? Viall it is! He didn't notice me but he will!




Val pulled us out of the store and pulled us in the same direction the boys were going. I was confused and dissapointed until they pulled in to a store and I saw 2 other boys. When I saw Jacey drooling over the one I wanted, I became dissapointed but one wasn't taken. Then I realized, that's the boy we saw at Starbucks. Boy, without all that crap on his face, he looked mighty fine. But Jacey called dibs so I was stuck with this other hottie.










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