One Direction dood.

None Saturday-Sunday and maybe Friday.





I wake up in my own sweat and tears. I think about what happened just a few hours ago. I make that face you make before you're about to cry but I think to myself, are you seriously gonna cry again? I pull out my headphones and my phone and listen to Alleyways By The Neighbourhood. "Good morning sleep head!" Liam says as he bursts through the door. He grabs my face and pulls me in, I try to pull back but he grabs my hands and pull me close until our lips meet, I'm just going to be honest.. I could've tried harder to pull away DAMN! he is such a good kisser, but anyway, I yank back so fast that my hands hit his face while pull back. "Look. I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression but I still have a boyfriend. "Oh, I thought you guys were over." Liam says, his gaze falling to the floor. My phone buzzes. It's Tayden:

Hey chica! Umm I thought about it all night on whether to tell you this or not but Val and Harry kissed while you were in the bathroom last night. By the parts that I saw,  it wasn't Harry's fault. gtg ly bye.

How is it not his fault? He could have done something, but he didn't he let her kiss him. Liam and I sit in silence the whole time I just want to hurt Harry as much as he hurt me. I rush to Liam's side and kiss him hard. On the mouth. I hear the door open but I just ignore it. I don't care anymore. We end up on the bed. We're just on our sides, kissing. That's it. Noting else happened. May I remind you that we are on Harry's bed...

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