One Direction dood.

None Saturday-Sunday and maybe Friday.


8. Kat



"Hello, love." Zayn leans in for a kiss and I take it. "Hi." I say. "What's wrong love?" "I'm just so sorry about what happened when we first met, I feel like we can't get any closer than this if I don't apologize." I say softly. "Ohhhh. The past is the past." Zayn says. I'm relieved because I thought that I'd carry that on my shoulders forever. "1 hours till we leave!" I hear Tay say as she walks by our door. "Better get ready, honey." Zayn reminds me. I walk in to the bathroom and jump in and out of the shower. I walk out with towel wrapped around my body. "Well hello there." Zayn says. Zayn is spread across the bed in his underwear with a candle lit on the nightstand. "Not now Zayn. Last night was fun, but it was a mistake." I say to him, to make sure he is aware. The girls don't know... yet. "C'mon, you're ready already." Zayn awares me. " He gets off the bed and walks over to me, his hand on the rim of the top of my towel. I yank back, "What the fuck?! Let me give you some advice, you dickwad, when a girl says that she doesn't want to have sex, SHE MEANS IT!" I scream. I run in to the walk-in closet and slam the door. "Are you mad at me?" Zayn asks through the door. A few minutes go by and I can hear his breathing on the door. "No, baby." I say soothingly. "Ok, good!" Zayn says, as he walks away. "Whatever," I mumble to myself. I grab my plain purple, long-sleeve crop top from my closet and pair it with dark blue-jean short-shorts, or "booty shorts" as some may call it. I walk out of the closet and open up the bathroom door and guess what I see? Zayn taking a shit. "Oh, hey babe. My belly did not like the chili cheese fries." Zayn says in front of me. "Whatever," I reply. I have 2 brothers, I'm used to it. "But you look sexy, babe." He adds. "Mhmm." I reply as I grab my cross bracelet and dangly cross earrings. I shut the door and leave the room. Our door is right across from the kitchen and when I walk out Niall stares at me like I killed 5 people. "What?" I ask. "Nothing. I thought you were skittles." Niall says. "What?!" I say. "Nothing." He replies as he looks at his burger and gobbles it up.



When Kat walked out, my eyes were popping out of my head. She was so beautiful! I read on the Internet that a true boy doesn't call a crush sexy, a true boy calls their girl beautiful or gorgeous. I hope Kat didn't notice. I just don't want to fall for her.

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