One Direction dood.

None Saturday-Sunday and maybe Friday.


11. Jacey



Liam is getting ready in his room and all my stuff is in Harry's room. I walk to Harry's room from the living room and bang on the door, "I need to get in there." I'm way to lazy to move my clothes from Harry's room to Liam's room. Harry opens the door, he's about to say something but I push past him. I go in his closet and shut the door. I pull my ripped jeans and my Falling In Reverse t-shirt. I put on music, Ribs - Lorde. I throw on my clothes and I hear a knock at the door. It's Kat and Tay. I want these. She pulls out these striped heels. "Okay." Kat pulls out these knee-high all-black converse boots. I pulls out my neon-yellow and black vans. I keep my jewelry and stuff in the closet. I brush my neck-length short hair and put black studs in my ears. I put on a necklace with a "x" on it. I just go bare on my wrists except for one hair-tie. My friends leave and I just sit on the floor of the walk-in closet, looking at all Val's clothes.

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