One Direction dood.

None Saturday-Sunday and maybe Friday.


5. Dramatic Jacey



I woke up in the morning and got out of bed. Harry wasn't there so I hurried down-stairs. "Nothing happened." I hear Harry say. I stop dead in my tracks and listen. "She's going to find out anyway." I can't believe what I'm hearing! OH MY GOD! I can't help myself, I run upstairs crying, not caring who hears. I fall all over the stairs, knocking my self down with every step, banging my head all over the railing (not hard, but enough to make me cry harder), I see Harry running up the stairs. I scramble to my feet and manage to be him to the top. I run down the hallway adn he's so fast that he hugs me from behind. I throw his arms back rough and hard. I reach the room and shut the door right in his face. "C'mon babe! Open up!" Harry yells from the other side. "THIS ISN'T A MOVIE! YOU KNOW I WON'T MAGICALLY COME BACK TO YOU!" I scream. I grab my duffle bag and stuff all my clothes while throwing all of Harry's clothes out of his drawers out and on to the floor. I FREAK OUT and fling myself onto the bed and cry.




We grab a hanger and unlock the door. I'm so afraid to see what's inside. She must've found out. Val opens the door and we see Jacey's head inside a pillow, arms covering her head, legs hanging off the bed. It had been about 20 minutes since she locked the door so I guess she could've cried herself to sleep. The room smelled like sweat and tears. Harry's clothes are strung all over the place. I'm surprised to see Jacey up at 7:30 in the morning so this must've emotionally and physically drained her. Liam walks over to Jacey and tries to lift her but she rolls over and wakes up from her head in the pillow. She looks around and when she sees Harry and Val, she picks up a pillow and throws it at Val. Then another and throws it at Val, and another, and another, until Val is out of the room. The she aims for Harry and starts crying. Liam pulls the pillow away from Jacey's hands and pulls her into his chest as she sobs and sobs. We all leave them alone.




I've liked Jacey and Tay ever since I set eyes on them. I'd hate to see them get hurt. Poor Jacey. All she ever did was love Harry and he hurt her. "Don't worry about them. They don't matter." I say. "YES! WE WERE GONNA GET MARRIED! WHEN I'M OLDER AND MORE RESPONSIBLE." Jacey yells. Wow. She really likes this guy. "Why do you care? Honestly. Swerve chica! He's happy." Liam says. "But I'm not!" I yell.




I am so mad and wondering where this is going. Liam grabs my face pulls me in and says, "There are plenty of fish in the sea, and the right one with be you." He kisses me and I don't stop him. I don't yank away. After about 5 seconds, I turn away and start crying again. How can I do this? I fall over on my side and sob and sob. I remember just crying myself to sleep and feeling like my life is a nightmare.




I decide to check on Jacey and I peek through the door slit and see Liam get up from the bed and take the comforter, that Jacey kicked off while throwing a fit, and pull it to Jacey's shoulders. He kisses her cheek and heads for the door. Damn! So dramatic! Jacey doesn't even know what happened! Tay told me everything. I feel bad but I don't know what to do.












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