One Direction dood.

None Saturday-Sunday and maybe Friday.


12. Cheaters



I walk in to Liam's room and tell him 5 more minutes. When I get a good look at him, I feel like everything is crashing down around me and I love this man I see, this beautiful man. "Yes?" I am brought back in to reality, Liam is Jacey's, not mine. But the way he looks at me. "You look very good." Liam tells me. I just can't help myself. Before I know it, our lips crash in to each other and he is even a better kisser than Harry! We stop each other and realize we can't do this and we know why. I leave the room.

Tay, Jacey, Kat, Louis, Niall, Harry, Val, Zayn and Liam are off to a fancy restaurant named Maggiano's.



Harry. Harry. I can't him out of my head, he looks so handsome. Oh my gosh. I go to the restroom, I can't deal with this. There is a hallway that leads to the restrooms. Harry catches up to me there and grabs my arm and spins me around. "Why Jacey? Why? Why did you have to cheat on me? Why did you have to kiss Liam? Why did you make me go out with Val? It's been a living hell trying to make you jealous by using her because it doesn't even hurt y-" "You know what? I am not doing this with you. Do you think Liam has been my cup of tea? No. He burps, farts and calls me sexy every minute. I didn't make you go out with her. You already were. YOU KISSED HER! So I thought we were over and apparently we were and are now so-" Harry grabs me and kisses me hard on the mouth so quickly that I had little time to react. God. I missed his kisses so much. I pulled away. "Look, Liam likes me and I can't let him down-" "Then don't! Just break up with him. We can start over." "It's not that easy." "What else are we gonna do? Keep on trying to make each other jealous?" Harry asks me. He was waiting for an answer so I quickly said, "No, but we can be friends." I say softly. "Why do you not like me so much?" Harry yells. "I love- Why are you pushing me so much!" "Oh, sorry." Harry says as he realizes that he had me against a wall. "But what do you love?" Harry asks. "What?" I ask confused. "You started off, 'I love' then you said something else." Harry says. I look down. "You know what I love." I mumble. "I know you love pies and shoes but what has that got to do with anything?" Harry questions. "YOU. THAT'S WHAT I LOVE. YES! I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE THINKING, I've only known you for a couple months, well you got me fallin for you." I finish. "You look beautiful." Harry says. Harry takes out his phone and plays R U Mine by Arctic Monkeys. I giggle.  "Yes." I can't help it. How could it hurt?



It's been 10 minutes. What are they doing. I go to the restroom and see Harry and Jacey kissing. Softly. Not like the way me and Harry did it, much softer and less intimate. I am so relieved, but what happens next?

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