One Direction dood.

None Saturday-Sunday and maybe Friday.





I saw him and I loved him. We were all looking at our own boy. Except Kat's who's eyes were on my man. I snapped my fingers and whispered in her ear, "Dafuq Kat? I called dibs." Kat glared at me and then turned her eyes on to the other boy.




Zayn, Harry, Liam, Niall and Louis... standing there, right before my eyes! I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Right after X-factor, the boys are still hanging out together. I run up to Niall and get a picture then I go up to Harry and kiss his cheek lightly to send off a message. "Hands off my man!" Jacey yells. Once she said it, she covered her mouth. "What are you lovely ladies doing in the UK?" Louis asked. "School." Tay says while snuggling up to him.




He felt so soft. His blue eyes looked in to mine and when they met, they couldn't let go. I finally turned away and when I looked at the others, Jacey was hugging Harry. Val was slow dancing with Niall... LOL; and Kat was going full throttle with Zayn and Liam was looking at shirts. How did we end up at the back of the store? "I have to go." I say, pushing away from him. "Wait love! Will you be staying longer?" Louis asks. "Maybe.." I say turning away. I like to keep it mysterious. "Come to a movie with me and the boys." Louis pleads. "Okay. Maybe later. We're still shopping." I say. "Are you? Doesn't look like your friends want to shop any longer." Louis hints. I look at them and they are looking at me with pleading eyes and I can't say no so I say yes. "Off we go." Louis says.











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