Over Again


Ashlyn Rose was your typical hormonal teenager, She did typical teenager things; listened and played music, hung-out with friends and obsessed over boys. There was this one boy in particular though, who changed Ashlyn's world upside-down. But with him gone, she finds herself lost; with no one to trust. When she could potentially find love again will she let them in? or lock them out?


28. Time To Win

Harry's POV

This month with Faith has been non-stop texts, calls, Skypes, visits and letters. She is so incredibly clingy, that half the time I'm so paranoid she's around. On the brighter side though, I've written a letter to Ashlyn everyday. I don't give them to her, in fear that she'll either rip them without reading them or that she'll find it hard to cope with. Neither of those choices were what I wanted though. So, I kept the letters to myself; hid them from Faith.

"Harry!" My eyes widened as per usual and my body went ridged. Was it noon already? I turned around to face Faith. She crashed her lips onto mine and jammed her tongue through as well. Her kisses were tough and rushed; never sweet and gentle like Ashlyn's. Never slow and passionate; just sloppy wet kisses. But, a snog was a snog and it seemed to keep her happy, and I was happy as long as Ashlyn was safe.

Ashlyn's POV

Today was the day I was discharged from the hospital. I signed my papers and effortlessly stood up, or so I had thought. My knees wobbled and I met the ground in a hurry. The doctor was quick to assist me to my feet and to place a wheelchair underneath me. I wheeled myself from my room and out the doors, passing the ambulance as I went. I reached my car and came to the conclusion that if I can't stand, I cannot drive. So, I wheeled my ached body back inside the hospital. I called for a cab and had it pick me up and drop me off at my house.

After what seemed like hours if trying to make it up the stairs with my wheelchair in tow, I made it to my flat. Oh how I had missed my home. The smell. The view. The atmosphere. Everything about my apartment I had missed. Although, I could do without the memories. As if on cue, they come flooding into mind:

Hal breaking into my flat.

Hal flipping my furniture.

Hal kissing me.

Harry looking broken.

Running after Harry.

Wanting to die.




Or at least, what I thought was death. I had felt so light, so airy. I was floating down to Earth like a feather caught in the breeze. Everything was white. Oh so white.

Harry's POV

Faith had just left (finally) after sex for the fourth time this week.

Not that bad you say?

It was only Tuesday.

She only ever wanted sex and money. Sex this. Sex that. Money, money, money. Sex here, money there. You get the picture.

I was wrapped tightly around her little finger. But not exactly in the way most people would think; I depended on her keeping Ashlyn safe. If I did everything she asked, Ash would be fine. So here I am, spent on my bed, and Faith exiting my driveway in her car. She had just told me that I needed to make our relationship public at an interview. Fuck me. As if I wanted the whole world to know I was dating that tramp.

That slut.

That whore.

That plastic bitch.

No way in hell.

It was time for revenge. Time to get my life back.

Time to win back my love.

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