Over Again


Ashlyn Rose was your typical hormonal teenager, She did typical teenager things; listened and played music, hung-out with friends and obsessed over boys. There was this one boy in particular though, who changed Ashlyn's world upside-down. But with him gone, she finds herself lost; with no one to trust. When she could potentially find love again will she let them in? or lock them out?


13. Thanksgiving



Ashlyn’s POV


So here we are now, sitting at my cottage taking in the colours of autumn. My family’s cottage in Canada was perfect around this time. Being from here originally, we celebrated Thanksgiving here yearly. I looked out towards the water watching my family converse; my Aunt Gwen with my grandmother, strolling around the garden; my father and my Uncle Charles setting up some croquette; my mother stuffing the turkey in the kitchen; my cousins running aimlessly around the yard, chasing each other with sticks in hand. This is what I loved; my family. I hear Harry chuckle from his spot beside me.




“It cute when you lose yourself in though is all.” He said kissing my nose. I blushed at his compliments causing him to chuckle once more. “That’s cute too.” He admits.


“Well you’re pretty cute when you think as well; your nose scrunches up and you kind of squint. Now that’s adorable.” I say tapping the end of his nose.




Sitting at the dinner table everyone was chatting about their lives, but soon everyone’s attention was on Harry.


“So, Harry, tell us what have you been doing lately? Haven’t seen you in a while dear” My mother says warmly.


My mother was always one to make everyone feel welcomed and wanted. She had that feel about her that made you want to confide in her. She is a petit, young woman with the wisdom of an old lady. She can make you think beyond belief.


“Well, I signed up for the X-Factor a few years back”


“You won, didn’t you boy?” The little prune I call my grandmother asked.


“Actually mom, no he didn’t.” My Aunt Gwen answered for Harry. My grandmother looked towards Harry, “It’s a shame.” She spoke quietly.


“But, we did get signed with Syco. SO now I’m touring the world with some of the greatest people I’ve ever had the privilege to meet.” Harry says with a smile.


“Biggest boy band in the world they are.” My Uncle announces. I see Harry blush a deep red. I bring my hand down to his leg and rub it comfortingly; Harry eases at my touch. He brings his gaze down to meet mine and we share a quick peck.


“EWWWW!” Cue the cousins.


“Danny! Eliza! Hold your tongues!” My Aunt Wendy scolds. She was one of my favourites; of course I loved Aunt Gwen a lot, but Aunt Wendy was closer to my age, so it was easier to talk to her. Her children both apologized and brought their eyes to the table. Aunt Wendy looked up at me and winked; pulling a laugh from Harry and me.



After dinner, my Uncle Stan arrived along with my Aunt Stella and my other aunt; Jeanine. They brought desserts alongside them, making the kids jump for joy.


“Hush now.” Wendy says. The kids immediately settle down and place themselves quietly at their place at the table. “Taught them well, didn’t I” She says with another wink.


“Best behaved kids I know.” Harry replied with a smile.


As we all took our places again at the table, attention was brought once again to Harry and me:


“When did the two of you start dating?”


“How long have you been dating?”


“Have you been safe?”


The last one startled the whole table.


“GRANDMA!” we all chorused.


“What? I don’t need any Great-Grandchildren.” She said with a shrug; with that said she continued on eating her low-fat ice-cream. We stared after her as she got up and chuckled, gingerly placed her bowl in the sink and walked to the stairs. “I should be heading off to bed now. Goodnight everyone, and please, try not to make too much noise.” She said as she climbed the stairs. Harry looked at me dumbfounded; I merely returned his look.


I have absolutely no idea where that came from.


Harry leaned in close. “I make no promises, to making you scream.” He winked in my direction and I slapped his arm.


“Harold you dirty boy, you.” I say whilst laughing. He joined me and soon the whole table was peering in our direction. We wiped ours eyes from tears and urged people to continue eating their sugary treats.


“Say goodnight to Harry and Ashlyn, guys” Wendy instructs with a hand on each child’s shoulders. Danny hugged me first and then Harry; Eliza followed shortly. Soon after Danny leaves Harry’s embrace Harry is laughing. I give him a questioning look, asking for his explanation. He just laughs harder.




Harry’s POV



Danny pulls me into him and whispers in my ear.


“You screw-up, you’re dead. I will personally beat you with my bare hands.” At first I was truly scared, but after realizing he was merely 7, it just made me laugh.


This family man. This family.


Threatening children.


Gentle mother.


Funny Aunt.


Crazy old Grandmother.


Boy, could I get used to this.

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