Over Again


Ashlyn Rose was your typical hormonal teenager, She did typical teenager things; listened and played music, hung-out with friends and obsessed over boys. There was this one boy in particular though, who changed Ashlyn's world upside-down. But with him gone, she finds herself lost; with no one to trust. When she could potentially find love again will she let them in? or lock them out?


34. Promises

Ashlyn's POV

God knows how many times I've had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. The ring shone from it's place on the fourth finger on my left hand. Promises are something I take very seriously. Promises are things I swear by. Promises are what can make me, but broken promises? Those little broken promises are what breaks me.

It started as a normal week with Harry; date night, movies, texting, calls, kisses, and cuddles. It was all very romantic. But I can't help but be haunted by the diamond that has perched itself on my finger. The very finger that runs a main artery to my heart. Maybe all I'm haunted by is the commitment, or maybe it's fear. Fear of betrayal and cheating. Lying and hurt. All of it scares me truly but all in all, it haunts me that it has happened before. Harry has never been great with promises and I knew that entering this relationship.

This relationship from hell.

~Week earlier~

Harry drove me home from his little romantic dinner and he walked me to my flat door.

"Goodnight love"

"Night Harry" I gave him a peck on the cheek and slipped my key into my door. Twisting it and pulling it free of the hold of the door frame, I stepped inside. It was only 8 o'clock. That should have been my first clue. Harry would never leave me this early.

Clue number two came shortly after. I had texted him and thanked him for the night, all he had responded with was, 'np'.

No heart, no smiley face.

Pushing it aside though, I turned on the TV and watched some episodes of Doctor Who and Community. I was flipping through the channels when Harry's name rung through the room.

'Harry Styles, 1/5 of English-Irish pop boy-band One Direction, was seen with none other than country sensation Taylor Swift. Resources say that Styles and Swift have been getting cozy at dinner. Resources say that the duo have been seen many times together in the passed month. Are they friends? Or is Mr. Styles charming yet another lady? Find put more after these messages.'

Tears welled in my eyes. And that right there was all I needed to know. Harry was with Taylor.

Taylor Swift.

He was dating her behind my back. For a month. One whole month. So the whole speech about an hour ago? Probably just to throw me off his trail; keep me from getting suspicious. Well heads up Harry. Here I come.

I told you, promises are meant to be broken.

~Present Day~

Harry's been super distant and I guess I like it in a way. I mean, I'm still mad at him but I do love him so much. I feel trapped. Trapped in this little mind game he's playing; one I don't want to be a part of. One that screws me over more times than I can count; mire times than I'm willing to count. Just then, the door swung open and in walked Harry. A drunk Harry.

"Harry? You alright?" I have ti admit, I was pretty worried. Harry hasn't drank in at least a month and whenever he's to drunk to walk, he's not in a good mood. He gets dare I say, abusive almost.

His eyes rose to mine. Guilt flashing through them, but quickly subsiding when a girlish voice rang out.


I almost vomited on the floor when she walked in. The little blond bimbo herself. When Taylor Swift walked into my flat. Mine. Not Harry's. Mine.

"What are you doing in my flat?" Anger was pulsing through my voice.

"Taylor and I went for drinks."

Taylor linked her arm in Harry's. "You must be the cousin Harry's been telling me about. I'm so glad to finally meet you." She extended her hand for me to shake.

"Y-yeah. Cousin. Right. It's very nice to meet you and all but, I'd really enjoy if you left my house." I spoke the last part directly to Harry. His eyes welled up as he realized his mistake. He had been caught and he knew it. I knew it. Taylor pulled Harry out the door and I slammed the door behind him. Sliding down the door I let my sobs rack through my chest. Rocking myself back and forth on the floor. I needed someone to hold me. Someone to take away my pain. I picked up my phone and I knew just the person.

On the third ring he picked up.


"I need a favour."


"What do you have that will make me numb?"

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