Over Again


Ashlyn Rose was your typical hormonal teenager, She did typical teenager things; listened and played music, hung-out with friends and obsessed over boys. There was this one boy in particular though, who changed Ashlyn's world upside-down. But with him gone, she finds herself lost; with no one to trust. When she could potentially find love again will she let them in? or lock them out?


8. Love?



H = Harry

A = Ashlyn





Ashlyn’s POV



Liam had told me what he heard and what I thought I had heard; both were the same thing. Harry fancied me. Did he really like me? My cheeks flushed a deep red colour. Thinking about him made butterflies erupt in my stomach, not the corny love ones but the kind that make you want to throw up? Yeah. Not all that pleasing.


With Harry on my mind I locked up the shop and made my way back home.  I slip my toms off my feet and wiggle my toes; breathe little buddies, breathe. After satisfied that my toes had feeling in them again, I stalked to the kitchen, in desperate need of some food. I busted my ass all day trying to make the boys happy; also trying to keep them from breaking everything in my store. Rambunctious bunch they are.  Finding an apple, I settled on top of the couch and started watching Ellen. That woman could make my sides split from laughter I swear.


From the kitchen I hear my phone go off, signaling a text. I wait until the commercial break to answer it. I walk over to the counter and flip my phone over; showing me the screen. Harry. I immediately froze. I slid my finger and typed in my passcode.


H = Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey:) its Louis! The lads and I were wondering if you were up for some clubbin’ tonite?


Unsure of what to do, I quickly called Hal.


“Hal, do I go or not?” Hal sighed and told me simply.


“Might as well enjoy yourself once in a while. Ash, go.”


I nodded my head – although he couldn’t see it – and thanked him. I hung up and texted back.


A = Suree! When and where? :)


H = It’s a new place called ‘Spring’ we’ll pick you up at 9?


A = That sounds great! See you theen Louis:)


H = Yeah, see you then!


I checked my clock to see that it read 6:00; 3 hours till the boys get here.


Let’s go.




I took me the full three hours, but I finally finished getting ready for tonight. While checking myself out for the final time, I heard voices approach my door, a knock following after.


As I walk to the door the voices become more prominent;


“I already knocked Harry! No backing out now.” Louis’ voice was clear out of the bunch; loud and chipper.


“What if she doesn’t like me? I’ll just embarrass myself,” Harry sighed before continuing, “again.”


My heart leapt. He did like me. Now I couldn’t stop listening, I knew it was rude but I needed to know if he loved me back. Love? What?


My thoughts were disrupted by the boys talking again, “Haz, mate, she obviously likes you too. Do you not see how she smiles when you talk to her? Besides she’d be crazy not to fancy you.” Zayn could be a genius sometimes.


“I hope this works boys. I need to know if she feels the same way about me. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I realized she didn’t love me back.” Harry let out an exhausted breath. Love? What?


The boys stopped talking, taking in what Harry said, and at this point it had been minutes since they knocked on my door; I should probably open it now; swinging the door open, I’m greeted by five handsome men; one much more dashing than the others.


I can feel their eyes on me as I hold the door open for them; ushering them inside.


“You look great Ashlyn.” Liam gave me a quick hug and held me out at arm’s length to take a look at me. “Very… umm what’s the word I’m looking for lads?” Liam searched the other boys for answers.


“Hot” Louis winks. I can’t help but giggle at his flirty manor.


“Cute” Niall adds. I like him. Not flirty, but gentle.


“Classy” Zayn. That boy knows exactly what to say.


“Beautiful” Harry voice is rough and low. My eyes stay with his for minutes and Liam nods beside me.


“That’s the word, beautiful.” Liam gives me a small smile.


“Let me just go grab my bag, I’ll be right back” I walked down the hall and took my bag from my desk. Adjusting my hair and making sure my makeup was up to par, I joined the others in my living room.


“Ready love?” Zayn stuck out his arm for me - which I gladly took – and walked me to their car.




Harry’s POV



I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. She was addicting; I needed to have her. Downing my drink I walked over to her taking her hand. “Dance with me?” I asked, showing my dimples.


“I’d be honoured, Haz.” She responded with a giggle. I lead her out onto the dance floor and pulled her close to me. Her arms snaked around my neck as mine found their way around her waist. I held her close as we swayed to the music that was playing. The song ended but we didn’t stop dancing, the beat picked up and my hands went to her hips; grinding her body on mine.




We walked out to our cars but realized we were all too drunk to be driving.


“I’ll call us a cab” Liam, being the mature one, says.


When the cab pulls up minutes later, everyone piles in. everyone except Ashlyn and I.


“Walk with me?” I look her in the eyes and she nods her head. Looking at the boys I tell them, “Ash and I will meet you at home, okay?”  Louis seemed thrilled.


“SLEEPOVER!” He screamed on the top of his lungs, the cab driver did not look too enthusiastic.


“Louis shhh!” Liam scolded. He apologized to the cabbie and turned his attention to Ashlyn and I.

“Alright, don’t be home too late.” I smiled at him and we watched as the cab drove away.


We walked through the park, taking in the night time scenery.


“It’s so beautiful.” Ashlyn was taken aback by my words; not expecting them to come from me.


“You just read my mind” She laughed softly. I couldn’t help but watch as her held tilted back a bit and her teeth shined; laughter emitting itself from her mouth. I chuckled along with her.


“I like how the moon shines through the trees and lights up the place, you know?” Ashlyn stared above at the moon while she talked. We talked about many things, the moon, the stars, dreams, wishes; those sorts of things.


“Ash?” Her attention was brought to me and her big blue eyes met mine. She watched me questioningly, as I stared at her beauty.


And finally, without being able to control myself, I kissed her. I kissed my best friend; my love.


I, Harry Styles, finally kissed Ashlyn Rose.

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