Over Again


Ashlyn Rose was your typical hormonal teenager, She did typical teenager things; listened and played music, hung-out with friends and obsessed over boys. There was this one boy in particular though, who changed Ashlyn's world upside-down. But with him gone, she finds herself lost; with no one to trust. When she could potentially find love again will she let them in? or lock them out?


37. Epilogue

Harry grew up to be quite the man. He found love again but it took him a while; he closed himself off. He often found himself wondering what life would have been like with me there, with him. In his arms at night instead of Sara. In the kitchen in the morning making breakfast for our child. Packing lunches. Stealing kisses. He often compared me and Sara, without even meaning to.

Sara seemed like a nice gal. She knew about me, and she knew she would always be second place to me. She knew she could never have Harry's heart like I did.

Harry and the boys still sang and hung out. Niall had finally met his princess; Emily. They just moved in together recently. Zayn and Perrie got hitched, so did Liam and Danielle. Louis and Eleanor have been married for three years and have a beautiful baby boy named Tom.

Sometimes, I catch Harry sneaking out at night, to lay in the grass and watch the stars. He stays out some nights and tells me how he's doing. He knows I'm listening. He knows I'm there. I know he still thinks of me often but I can feel myself drifting. I know he loves me, he knows I love him. To me, he will always be my best friend from a small town named Cheshire.

And I will love him.

Always have, always will.


So, it's over.

I'd like to thank all of you who read it, liked it, favourited and commented. It meant the world to me. And the fact that it has almost 1K reads is beyond belief for me.

I love you all, and look for a new movella maybe.


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