Over Again


Ashlyn Rose was your typical hormonal teenager, She did typical teenager things; listened and played music, hung-out with friends and obsessed over boys. There was this one boy in particular though, who changed Ashlyn's world upside-down. But with him gone, she finds herself lost; with no one to trust. When she could potentially find love again will she let them in? or lock them out?


33. Date Night - Part 2

Ashlyn's POV

"Louis?" He just grinned, "Where's Harry?"

"If you would follow me m'lady." Louis jutted his arm in my direction. I slipped my arm through and linked it with his. "Here you go." Louis sat me down at a little table set up for two. A red tablecloth clothed the table along with three little candles flickering in the descending light. Fairy lights were strew about the garden; lanterns floating over head. It was magical. I heard someone clear their throat behind me and I turned to be face to face with a line up of boys; Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall. Liam and Zayn stepped apart and revealed a spiffy looking Harry. He waltzed up to me and kissed me gingerly.

"Hi." He breathed.

"Hello." I whispered back.

"You are so beautiful." My eyes drifted to the ground out of habit. "Don't hide that beautiful face of yours. I happen to enjoy seeing it you know." I smiled at Harry's words.

"Dinner?" He asked.

"Dinner." I confirmed.

We ate and emerged in small chatter. Talking about the boys, our families, his fans, his haters, my haters, and anything in between. We laughed and smiled all through-out dinner.

When we finished eating Harry stood from his place at the table and held his hand out for me to take.

"Dance with me?"

"Anything for you Mr. Styles." I giggled girlishly. He gently took my hand in his large one and pulled me close; swaying to the slow beat of the song.

Harry's POV



"I love you."

"I love you too Harry."

"No, you don't understand. I love you so much I ache. I love how much of an ass you are. I love how you are such a bitch sometimes. But most of all, I love the way you act. How you bite your lip when you think, or when you frown slightly when you're confused. Maybe, though, what I love the most, is that you have this ability, this crazy ability to make me fall. so crazy, madly in love with you."

"I am an ass sometimes aren't I?" She giggled as I kissed her gently.

"I'm not done." I took a breath; steadying myself.

"Ashlyn Marie Rose, I would like to make you a promise." I pulled the ring from my back pocket. "I promise you that I'll be faithful, I'll be loving and gentle, I'll be honest, I'll be supportive, but above all I'll be there with you every step of the way as long as you want me there."

She just stood there. Out of shock? Maybe. Out of fear? Possibly. Out if excitement? God knows. Maybe she didn't even want this. Oh God, that is so embarrassing.

"I can just return it, it's no big deal really. Never mind. Forget I had said anything." I closed the box and shoved it into my back pocket. I paced towards the door before I heard it. It was hard to make out, but it was there; it most defiantly was there.

A small yes was heard.

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