Over Again


Ashlyn Rose was your typical hormonal teenager, She did typical teenager things; listened and played music, hung-out with friends and obsessed over boys. There was this one boy in particular though, who changed Ashlyn's world upside-down. But with him gone, she finds herself lost; with no one to trust. When she could potentially find love again will she let them in? or lock them out?


6. Casual, Yet Stylish

Harry’s POV


I stared at where she just stood. Why would she say that? It seemed like so long ago that we were high school sweethearts. Ash and I used to be best friends; the best of friends. But after trying out for X-Factor, I may or may not have forgotten to text her back or return her calls. I was an A-Class Douche-Bag; I, Harry Styles was the BIGGEST douche-bag that ever walked the earth. She helped me practice, helped me with song lyrics and choices. She helped me sign my application form for  God sakes.






“You won’t forget me right?” She looked at me with her eyes full of tears.


“Never in a million years could I ever forget my best friend. I love you Ash.”


“I love you too Harry.” We hugged for what seemed like hours; neither of us wanting to let go of the other. When the time came for me to leave, I kissed her cheek gently, saying good-bye, and got in the car, waving her off.


Later, when Uncle Simon put us in a group, I had found new best friends and I forgot about the little girl I loved back in Cheshire. When I told her I loved her, she thought I meant as a friend, to me, it was so much more.






It wasn’t until I saw her last when I realised my love for her was still there; was still burning like a fire within. Jesus that was cheesy. I shake my head and walk out after her; into the cold.


I see a body making its way through the heavy crowd; pushing and squeezing by.


“Ashlyn!” My voice rises over the sound of the street; making her head turn towards me. When her eyes lock with mine, she freezes; stuck to the spot. I stalk over to her and shuffle nervously.


“So, I was wondering if maybe, you would like to go to dinner with me?”


“Decided you would grow a pair, huh?” She chuckled softly to herself. My cheeks grew red and my face turned to the ground. “Yes”


My eyes shoot up to her smiling face. “I would love to accompany you to dinner tonight.” Her smile is contagious and I find myself smiling too.


“Pick you up at eight?” my voice was shaking and I think she noticed because she giggled again.


“Sounds great Harry.”


“So, I’ll see you tonight then?”


“Yeah, see you tonight.”


We exchanged numbers and headed in different directions; me to the boys and her to her flat.



I drove out to the apartment and I was shaking. I have never in my life been so nervous. She wasn’t a model or superstar or anything, why was I getting so worked up? Because I’ve loved her for years, my head reminds me. The way her smile glimmers, the way her hair flows without her trying, the way her eyes glimmer when she smiles. Everything about her is absolutely perfect.


I raise my hand and knock on her door; not before checking my texts to make sure it’s the right one first. I can honestly say I have never seen some one as beautiful as she, when she opened that door.




Ashlyn’s POV



I hear a light tap on my door and I rush to open it; not before checking my reflection first of course. I swing the door open and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. He was one piece of sexy he was. His hair pushed off his forehead and his torso covered in a fitted white shirt with a blazer over-top. His legs adorned black skinny jeans and his feet held a pair of ‘Toms’. Casual, yet stylish.


I did a quick check-up on myself; making sure I fit the attire for the night. I wore a pair of black skinny jeans with a flowery top that stopped right above the hem of my jeans; no belly showing. I glanced at my feet and saw a pair of sparkled sandals upon my toes. Perfect. Casual, yet stylish.


“You look fantastic.” I blush at his compliment and mumble a thank you.


“You don’t look half bad yourself, Hazza.” I cover my mouth as soon as the words leave it. I did not just call him Hazza. I couldn’t believe it; and apparently neither could he. We both stood there for a few moments and just simply stared at one another. I used to call him Hazza all the time when we were younger. He was Hazza, I was Ash. That’s how it worked. Even to our parents.


“Sorry, I didn’t realize I said it till after it was out there.” I looked down at the floor awkwardly. Harry’s fingers found my chin and tilted it upwards, “Don’t be sorry Ash.” He gave me a quick smile and I knew from now on out, everything would be just fine.


The night passed easily; we never ran out of things to talk about. We talked about everything and nothing all at once; the boys, to my life, to his life, to cats, rainbows and everything in-between. It truly was wonderful.


“Well Harry, Thanks for taking me out. I had a wonderful time with you tonight.” My smile was hard to contain; it spread like wildfire.


“Yeah sure. I had an absolute blast with you. Maybe another night we could do this again?” Harry ran a hand through his hair, and shifted from foot-to-foot.


“I would like that very much.” Harry’s face was precious.


“Cool” he said cooly. With that, and a kiss on the cheek, he left, leaving me in my own thoughts; drowning in my dreams.

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