Over Again


Ashlyn Rose was your typical hormonal teenager, She did typical teenager things; listened and played music, hung-out with friends and obsessed over boys. There was this one boy in particular though, who changed Ashlyn's world upside-down. But with him gone, she finds herself lost; with no one to trust. When she could potentially find love again will she let them in? or lock them out?


16. 100 Years

Listen to '100 Years' by: Five For Fighting while reading this. xx






Ashlyn’s POV


Harry and I sat on the plane, ready to land; eight hours is much too long. My head was rested in his lap and he was braiding my hair once again. My eyes closed in appreciation at Harry’s magical fingers; they twisted and flipped, twirling my hair around.


“Harry?” He looked down at me and nodded; urging me to continue. “How’s Gemma?” Harry’s eye light-up at the thought of Gemma; I often wished I had a sister or brother; someone to play with when I was younger, someone to share clothes with, someone to talk to.


“She’s good. She wants to see you though. She won’t shut up about meeting you.” Harry chuckled. “She doesn’t know it’s you. She just knows there’s a girl in my life. I want to surprise her with you though.” He smiled down at me, and I up at him.


“Excuse me Ma’am but we’ll be landing shortly.” The flight attendant says politely.


“Thanks Miss.” Harry says, dimples showing. I sit up and poke his dimple causing him to turn in my direction, looking confused. “Why did you just poke my dimple?” He asked.


“It’s cute” I shrugged.



When we arrived at the airport, screaming girls could be heard from everywhere; and after bounding the corner, I could see why. The boys stood there waiting for us; and as soon as we were in view, they came running at top speed, just to hug us. They all embraced us in a group hug before seperating into individual hugs.


“ASHLYN!” Louis cries.


“LOUIS!” I scream right back. We hug for about a second before Niall comes in and tears me away from Louis.


“I’ve missed you” Niall murmurs into my hair.


“Awe, Nialler, I’ve missed you too.” I say laughing. Liam comes up behind Niall and clears his throat.


“May I?” he asks politely


“No.” Niall says without letting go.


“Niall.” I warn and almost immediately I’m let go, and just as quickly pulled into Liam’s arms.


“ASHY-WASHY” Liam sing-songs. I pull back.


“Ashy-Washy?” I question.


“I literally have no idea where that came from.” He chuckled “it was the first thing that rhymed and came to mind.” His eye grew wide.


“THAT RHYMED TOO!” I laughed and ruffle his hair. Zayn merely stand there and opens his arms. I ease my way into them.


“Hi Zayn” I stand on my tippy-toes to reach around his neck.


“Hey there love. How was the family?”


“Great. They want to meet you all.” I say with a smile. Sure I was close with all of the boys, but Zayn and I were the closest. We got really close over the few months that Harry and I started dating. See it goes like this:


Niall is my food-buddy


Liam is my brotherly figure


Louis is my fun side


Zayn is my best friend


And Harry, well Harry is my world.



We all settled down and Harry took his bags while enforcing the boys to take mine. We walked out to the car that was waiting for us and we all climbed in. The drive back to the boy’s house was entertaining to say the least; Louis and Niall were singing loudly. Liam was yelling at them to ‘SHUT-UP!’ and Zayn was too busy texting Perrie to take interest in what was happening around him. Harry just held my hand and laughed along with me.



Being at the house was no different than the car ride up here. The boys all ran away and locked themselves in the game room. I was okay with it; I made my way over to the music room and decided I would play. I sat down at the piano and pressed down on the C note. The flawless note rang through the room; echoing off of the walls. I climbed the scale, one-by-one, listening to their sound; embracing it. Not soon after, I broke out into song. I pressed down on the keys effortlessly, and began to sing the song I composed. I heard the door open and I immediately stopped singing and playing. Whirling around I was faced with Harry.


“I didn’t want you to be all by yourself so I came looking for you.” He eyed the piano. “That was great.”


“It’s not done yet. I can’t get the notes quite the way I want them.” I shook my head standing up. Harry quickly stride over and took a place on the bench.


“Sit. I’ll help you.” He smiled and his dimples popped. I took my place beside him on the bench and I started up on my song once again.



“What about playing a G-chord there?” Harry questioned. I obliged and played the chord in its place.


Nodding I said, “That sounds great.”


We played the song and finally finished it. “What are you going to call it?” Harry asks as his eyes fit over the sheet-music.


“I was thinking ‘100 Years’. What about you? What do you think?”


“I think that’s perfect.”




Hal’s POV


“So you understand, right Hal?”


“HAL?! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” I nod my head.


“Sorry, it’s just so genius and manipulative.” She grins at my response.


“Yeah Hal, it is.” She gets up from siting on the office desk and makes her way to the door.


“Wait!” I call. “I don’t even know your name!”


She turns her torso so it’s facing me.


“Faith Clemmons.”









Love you guys a lot, and I will maybe update later on today. I've been sick and staying home from school so I've had a crazy amount of spare time. xx




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